The Making

A new tale about how the beginning of life


1. The Making

Let's go Back. Back to before humans even existed. Picture the world we know today, only theres no plants, no water, no life, no sun. Nothing. Only a huge round ball of iron.

One day this great ironball started to transform. Four bobbles of iron sperated themselves from the ball.

For an eternity these bobbles shaped themselves, and ended up becoming the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

The first one to take its chosen form was Fire. Fire looked at the ironball for a while, while choosing what to do with it. He ended up desiding first to melt the center of the ball, giving it an liquid core. Then he flew to a point far far away from the ball. Here he started to circulate himself with a speed so high we can only imagin. By doing that, he caused himself to explote, and becoming a hugh fire ball. The sun was born.

The next one to take its form was Earth. He surrounded the ball, and made the iron which the ball was made of, mix up with the earth he was made of. This gave the ironball a varied landscape, and ofcourse, better conditions for life.

Now water was ready to work. She flew over the ball, leaving a huge part of it under water. She couldn't help herself but to take a swim in the deep blue ocean.

As water was taking a swim in the salty, cold water, Earth was watching her. He fell completely in love, and flew down to the ocean surface.

When Water saw Earth she couldn't help herself but to find him attractive. They took each others hands and Water drew Earth with her down in the ocean. They swam hand in hand, around the empty oceans, leaving a trace of waterplants and seaweed behind them. Soon the water was filled with life of any kind.

Now Earth pulled Water up in the air surrounding the ball. They kissed, and their lips had barely even touched before plants started growing from the planet underneath them. It only took a few seconds before the whole earth was covered in plants and animals of all different kinds.

Now, finally the Air came alive. She was the most beautiful and graceful of all the elements. She was the one to put the final touches on the planet before it became the home we know today.

Air flew arounded the planet making the trees' leaves move behind her. She made huge waves in the ocean, and made all the puzzle pieces fit together in symbioses.

Now, after a lot of hard work, the three remaining elements agreed that the beautiful planet needed something. Therefore they put their hans together, knowing that it would require all of there powers, and that they would disappear afterwards. They combined all three elements in one amazing creature to take care of the planet, and to use all it had to offer. 

They created the human!                 

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