Pokemon: Erica

Erica has just recently turned ten, and like all children. Dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master. After receiving her first Pokemon, which her Mother gifted to her. She makes her way through the world of Pokemon with her best friends Alice and Sam. She must collect all the gym badges before she can come anywhere near to becoming a Pokemon Master.


4. Route 7

We left the shopping center, and stood awkwardly outside, thinking of what to do.
"So where are we going first?" Sam asked while picking up Bulbasaur. That question didn't occur to me, I was too caught up with Eevee. Alice on the other hand has probably got something on her mind.
"We could go to Route 7, we can try and catch some more Pokemon. Then maybe we could have a shoot at trying to defeat Erika at the Gym back in Celadon City. I can't be hard that, I personally really want that Rainbow Badge." She started to fidget, obviously enthusiastic about catching another Pokemon.
"Sounds like a plan, you in Sam?" I asked, but didn't notice til then he was rummaging through his bag.
"What are you doing?" Alice demanded, rather loudly actually, startling Eevee who was perched on my shoulder, almost asleep.


"I was just getting out a Poke ball," he explained, cautiously holding up the red and white ball.
"Oh." Alice tried to make herself look small, while stroking her Charmander which was curled up in her arms. I don't think that any of us are going to put out Pokemon back into their Poke balls. Not yet anyway.
"To Route 7 then," I said while turning to run ahead of the others. Eevee hopped off quickly, and then chased after me. Alice and Charmander came trailing behind us, but Sam wasn't so quick.
"Hey! Wait up!" he yelled. I just laughed, Alice then came running by my side, also laughing.
"You're gonna have to speed up!" she shouted back to him. Eevee and Charmander had no difficulty keeping up with us, unless we were going quite slow, maybe.


After rushing pass the Pokemon Centre, it was just a concrete path, with the forest growing on both sides. Advantage us, we could speed up, the ground wasn't soft. I quickly peered behind my shoulder only to see Sam was right behind us, with Bulbasaur charging ahead. I almost screamed, still laughing though.
"Run!" I roared out, pushing my legs into overdrive, stamping down on the ground. It was then that we came to some steps. Alice galloped ahead, I decided to wait for Sam, she didn't even notice I stopped.
He came running, panting like a dog. Bulbasaur didn't look even remotely tired though. I grinned at him.
"Come on you, we've got Pokemon to catch." I pulled him down the stairs by the arm, knowing that he is lazy, well that's Sam for you.


Alice was already diving in the grass, trying to flush out Pokemon. Charmander was no help, he was dozing next to her bag on the path next to the steps. Sam then sprinted to the grass, tackling invisible Pokemon. I rolled my eyes, those two are hopeless. You have to battle them, not assault them, there's a bit of a difference. I looked down at Eevee, who was sniffing Charmander while swishing her tail from side to side. Her ears suddenly picked up and she became very still, detecting something. She then trotted off a moment, but the turned to me, and yelped. I was just confused, what was she doing? I followed her as she started to go into the forest, I think Sam and Alice will be fine with each other for a minute. Actually I doubt that.


Eevee walked straight, letting her ears tell her where to go. I wasn't so sure on her instincts, I couldn't hear a thing. But then again, she is a Pokemon, and has massive ears. She's bound to have excellent hearing. She then made a sudden right, and stopped dead in her tracks. Looking behind a tree, it was very quite here, I didn't like it. I peered behind the tree, and then saw something no trainer wants to see. Caught in a mental trap, injured greatly, was a helpless Vulpix.



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