Pokemon: Erica

Erica has just recently turned ten, and like all children. Dreams of becoming a Pokemon Master. After receiving her first Pokemon, which her Mother gifted to her. She makes her way through the world of Pokemon with her best friends Alice and Sam. She must collect all the gym badges before she can come anywhere near to becoming a Pokemon Master.


3. First Impressions

Lunch wasn't that much, just consisted of some sandwiches. The three of us sitting at the bench table, and our pokemon sitting on the actual table. Alice was chatting with Sam, while I sat there stroking Eevee. She seemed to be purring, whatever it was, she sounded happy. She was laying down, with her head between her front two paws. And her ears flopped down like a rabbit. Her eyes weren't visible, she had them closed in relaxation, I'm guessing so anyway. Her nose occasionally twitched, against the movement of the summer wind. The wind brushed up against my cheek, casting a spell of warmth.


Sam was observing his Bulbasaur, which was sniffing around the table. Alice's Charmander on the other hand just sat there, watching everything else around her. Searching the world around her, for something new to explore. Personal traits were already showing from our first Pokemon. Sam's Bulbasaur is a lot like Sam, a joker. Alice's Charmander was a bit like me to be honest, an observer. But can easily become adventurous. And as for my Eevee, she was relaxed. Laid-back, and totally knows what's going on.


Well that's what I think they're be like anyway, first impressions show a lot for themselves. But I could be wrong, maybe they're just shy to be themselves at the moment. Cause they're just new to being around us and each other.


Eevee's big brown eyes opened, and she sat up. Her furry tail swished playfully as she crouched into a pouncing position, looking at Bulbasaur. Who wasn't aware he was about to be pounced on. Her back lifted higher into the air, her tail almost tickiling my nose. And pounce. Bulbasaur ran around manically as he turned his head just in time to see her about to pounce onto him. I just laughed, we all did. I already know this is the best thing in my life. Receiving my first Pokemon, and setting out into the world with my friends. But I know that it will be weird, but, oh well.

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