Jess and Neo were friends. Best friends. They've been together since birth. They're like brother and sisters. But Neo has left Umbramundi. When he returns from Terrarealm, he has a surprise from Jess, which she is not satisfied with.
People have requested a slight introduction to the many worlds, so here goes.
Umbramundi = the shadow world/underworld.
Nimbus = heaven.
Terrarealm = the "ordinary" world, in which the humans live.


1. Perfect

Talk to me. Say my name. Scream “I love you” from the top of your lungs. Get out of my face. Leave me alone. Don’t go. Stay. Hold me tight. No, I’ll push you away. I’m not perfect. I’m not one of those interesting people, who’s always got something to say. I’m a burning snowstorm. I’m the kindest demon. I’m a mess.

Jess was stuck in her head. She was confused. What was going on? Ever since Neo had re-entered her life, she had felt so… out of place. She had been unable to sleep. Neo and Jess had always known each other, but then he had left her and the Umbramundi. He had entered Terrarealm. Jess didn’t think he would ever return, but a few weeks ago, she had received a letter, saying he would come back.

It wasn’t uncommon for demons to enter and exit the Umbramundi as they pleased, but Neo had left for good.

Jess waited impatient for Neo to come back. She couldn’t believe he would finally return. She had lacked him in her life for years. Jess was looking forward to his return, though; something told Jess that Neo didn’t just return for fun and games. That there was more to it.

Jess looked at the big clock in the middle of the city. It was time. Neo would return soon. Jess stood up on the high up roof and took a leap of faith. She spread her wings, and started flying. She looked down upon the many demons and freaks walking the Umbrabundi. People, forever doomed to walk in shame and shadows. Jess flew amongst the dark clouds, till she finally reached the abyss. Only there demons could wander between the worlds. Jess had never been in Nimbus, and she definitely wasn’t welcome there either.

Jess stared out over the abyss. Many people passed through the portal. Some returning with souls from the Terrarealm. Some angels with messages from Nimbus. Jess’ heart pounded as she waited for Neo. People slowly stopped passing through the portal as time passed, and it got late. Neo had not yet arrived, and Jess started to lose hope. She was just about to leave, when the portal opened, and Neo flew through. Jess started smiling as she ran for Neo, grabbing him tight and hugging him, like she had never hugged him before. “I’ve missed you so much” Jess said.

Neo hugged Jess back. “I’ve missed you too” he said.

Jess shed a little tear. Neo had been her best friend forever. Though, this time she felt a little different around him. Her tummy was aching and she had a hard time thinking of anything to say. She had realized how much he actually meant to her.

Jess let go of Neo. “I… Uhm… Have someone you should meet…” Neo said. Jess looked at him questioning. Neo stepped aside. “Meet Melissa.” he said.

Jess looked at the girl for a moment. “It smells weird here…” Jess said and sniffed the air.

She took a closer look at Melissa, and sniffed her. Something seemed strange about her. Then Jess realized. “Did… DID YOU BRING A HUMAN?!” she yelled.

“Shhh, keep it down!” Neo said. “Yes, I did.”

Jess looked suspiciously at the human in front of her. “Have you gone mad?! You can’t just bring a human to Umbramundi!” Jess said. “Only human SOULS should pass!”

Neo looked at Melissa. Then back at Jess with a certain look in his eyes. Jess looked Neo deep in the eyes, and realized what he was trying to say. “You... YOU TOLD THAT... THAT... THING?!” Jess squealed.

- “Yes, now keep it down!” Neo said.

- “You can’t trust humans!” Jess yelled. “You never know who they might gossip too!”

- “She won’t tell anyone, don’t worry!” Neo said.

- “How can you be so sure about that?!” Jess asked.

- “I... I just know!” Neo replied.

Jess looked at Melissa. She couldn’t stay! She was an obvious danger to the Umbramundi.

“Is that why you left?” Jess asked. “To see that... Thing?”

Neo looked at Jess and nodded. No matter how much Jess knew she had to report it, she couldn’t just betray her best friend like that. “Please, I won’t tell anyone.” Melissa said.

Jess didn’t know how to react. She just spread her wings, and flew. “Wait, Jess!!” Neo yelled. But Jess ignored him.

What was he thinking? Humans weren’t trustable. She might seem fine, but she would never keep it a secret. None in the Terrarealm could ever hear of Nimbus or Umbramundi. They were secret and sacred places, which no human should ever hear of. Jess started crying.


Jess landed outside La Petit Mort, the burlesque house in which she was working. She had always been told she’d end up as a no-good prostitute. And in a way, everyone was right. A succubus like her didn’t have many business options. Prostitution, burlesque or soul harvest was her choices. She had been a soul harvester before Neo left, but after she couldn’t focus on her job and was fired.

Jess was poor, and lived in the back of La Petit Mort. She wasn’t the only one who did it. She had lived with Neo beforehand, but couldn’t afford a proper place without his support.

Jess headed straight for her little room in the back. She didn’t know what she should do about Neo and his little friend. What was going on? She felt a stabbing in her chest and a pain in her stomach she had not experienced before. Neo had finally returned. Shouldn’t she be happy just to see him?

Someone knocked on the door. “Come in...” Jess answered.

The door opened, and Lilith came through the door. “So, I hear Neo’s back!” she said cheery.

Jess was silent. “What’s wrong?” Lilith asked.

“N... Nothing...” Jess replied.

She couldn’t tell about the human intruder. Lilith hugged Jess from behind, and looked in the antique make-up mirror in front of them. “You have such a beautiful babyface.” Lilith said, stroking Jess’ cheek.

Jess looked in the mirror. Lilith was a beauty. Jess had a certain beauty, but Lilith was perfect. Just like Melissa. Jess had never even been close to perfection. She was a poor, lonely succubus, doing burlesque for a living. She ran a hand through Lilith’s short, blonde hair. “What’s wrong, sweetie?” Lilith asked.

- “I can’t tell...” Jess replied.

- “Is it about Neo?” Lilith continued.

Jess nodded. “I’m confused.” she replied. “I’ve known him my entire life, yet, I seem to not know anything. He left for the Terrarealm, and it made me realize how important he is to me. But when he returned, something just seemed... wrong... As if I didn’t know him anymore.”

- “You’re just in love.” Lilith said smiling.

- “In love? You’re crazy.” Jess said.

- “Honey, I’ve been in love before, I know how it feels.” Lilith said. “Also, you sigh over him, and have a certain look in your eyes when we talk about him”

Jess just shook her head. It was silly. “Can... Can you keep a secret?” she asked.

Lilith looked smiling at Jess. “Of course I can!”

Jess took a deep breath. “Neo... Brought a human to Umbramundi...”

Lilith looked choked at her friend. “Are... Are you serious?”

Jess nodded. “I guess he was harvesting souls, when he suddenly found a new playmate!”

-“But... He’s an incubus! He’s going to kill her!”

- “Like I care. He can toy around with that little human till the day he dies for all I care... Just, leave me alone... I need time to think.”

Lilith left the little room. Was Jess really in love? It was insane. She’d never fall in love with her best friend. He was an incubus; she was a succubus, a deadly combination. The two of them were like brother and sister.


A few hours later, it knocked on the door again. “You have a guest!” a voice sounded from the other side.

- “Go away Lilith!” Jess yelled.

- “I’m not your guest, I’m just the messenger.” Lilith said, opened the door and send in the guest.

It was Neo. “What do you want?”

- “Are you okay?” Neo asked.

- “What do you want?!” Jess repeated herself.

- “Look, I know this all seems bad, but...” Neo started, but he was cut off by Jess.

- “Seems bad?! It’s terrible! She’s a human! You’re an incubus! You’re going to kill her!” Jess squealed.

- “Just, calm down!” Neo said to Jess calmingly.

- “Calm down?! If the council founds out about this, you’re dead meat!” Jess said afraid.

- “She’s resistant!”

- “That’s what everybody claims, but no matter how resistant she is, you’ll eventually steal her soul, whether you want to or not!”

- “I’m not stealing her soul!”

 - “I don’t care what you say; I’m not losing you because you’re messing stuff up!”

- “Why do you care?!” Neo asked.

- “I love you!” Jess squealed.

Then it became silent. Did she really say it? Was Lilith right?

- “Jess, I...” Neo started.

- “No... Just leave me alone...” Jess said and hid under her covers.

Neo sat down next to Jess on her bed. “Go away!” Jess mumbled.

- “I can’t.” Neo said. “You’re my best friend.”

- “Did you just friendzone me?”

Neo smiled, and pulled the cover away from Jess. “I need you to listen...” he said, looking Jess deep into the eyes. “I really love Melissa. She might be a human, but she’s ready to embrace the underworld in which we live. She’s a medium, and has strong resistant powers. Please, just let it be, and don’t tell anyone.”

Jess understood. “I wasn’t planning on doing so... You just left so sudden. You’re really important to me.” she said, holding Neo tight. “She’s oh so perfect, and I’m not. I understand that you’re in love with her.”

“I promise I won’t leave again.”


A few moment later, Lilith slammed the door open. “Melissa has fainted!” she yelled.

Neo and Jess ran out to the bar, where Melissa lay on the floor. She was weak; bled from her mouth, and was jittering seizure-like. “What should we do?!” Lilith squealed.

Jess looked at the human on the floor. Everyone around her were talking and mumbling, but Jess heard nothing. She took Melissa in her arms, stormed out the bar and flew away. Neo came running out. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” he yelled.

“She needs to see a doctor!” Jess replied.

Neo spread his wings and flew after them.



At the hospital, they examined Melissa. After about 15 minutes, a doctor approached Neo and Jess. “She seems to have a severe blood loss.” he started. “Also, is she possibly human? She smelled human, and her soul is completely gone. A job, only an incubus can do to a human.” he said and looked at Neo.

“You see, uuh...” Neo started. If the doctor found out, he would be reported to the council, and immediately executed.

“It’s okay. If succubus blood can be donated, she will become half succubus, and 100% immune.” the doctor said and looked at Jess.

“Give us a minute.” Neo said and pulled Jess aside.

Jess looked at Neo. “You don’t have to ask, I’ll do it.” Jess said smiling.

Neo smiled back, and hugged Jess.

“This way please” the doctor said.

Jess sat in the chair and stretched her arm. A nurse poked the needle in her vein and started tapping blood. Jess bit her lip. It hurt a little bit. Neo took her hand, and smiled warm to her.

Later that evening, Melissa had come to her senses. Jess looked in through the glass door, at Neo and Melissa talking. Neo looked... happy... More happy than we had ever seemed with Jess. Was Melissa really more important?

Neo looked Melissa deep in the eyes, squeezed her hand, helped her sit up and... kissed her... Jess’ heart started pounding hard, and her eyes started watering. She grabbed her skirt and started curling it together in frustration.

Neo exited the room and walked to Jess. “Thanks alot.” he said and smiled at Jess.

Jess looked up. Neo were standing over her, in all his tall glory. Jess wiped the tears from her face. “What’s wrong?” Neo asked.

Jess was silent. “When... When I saw you kissing... that girl... my heart shattered...” she whispered.

Neo looked confused at the crying demon. “What are you talking about?”

Jess took a deep breath. “You know how birds can be extremely annoying and crap you on the head, and scare you by almost flying in your eyes?” Jess started.

Neo looked confused, but nodded. “But when you look at them, they’re really beautiful... That’s how I feel about you...” she finished and stood up.

- “Jess?”

- “No... Leave me alone...” she said and started walking.

Neo grabbed her hand, but she shook him off. “I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep... I wish you’d hold my hand when I was upset... And not just because you can’t figure me out. I wish you loved a beauty spot, that was a secret place, nobody else could see. Basically, I wish you loved me...” she said as she continued walking.

“Is this what this is all about?” Neo asked.

Jess topped and looked back at Neo. “What it’s all about, huh? I think of you when I see other people kiss... I want to lie in your bed all weekend, drinking tea and watching movies... It sounds pathetic, but that’s how it is.”

“You don’t have to leave. She’s just a girlfriend; you’re my best and closest friend.” Neo said.

Jess started walking again. “You just don’t get it... I don’t want to be your best friend; I want to be your girlfriend... But I know it won’t happen... I’m obviously not good enough. She’s perfect human-girl Melissa... Everything I’m not...”

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