It wasn't meant to go this far

My bullying competition entry


2. Over the line

Abbey, Tyressa and Angel hung out in a near by park until it got dark and started to rain. As they walked out the park gate Tyressa wiped the water droplets off her arm and turned to Abbey "Abbey give me your umbrella" Abbey clutched her bag hastily hiding it behind her back "I..I don't have an umbrella..." She didn't what to give it to her Abbey got it from her nan who died of cancer a few months ago. She was really close to her nan, she was always there for Abbey but Abbey never told her about Tyressa and Angel she didn't wan't to worry her "I know you do I saw it in there earlier!" Tyressa snatched her bag and pulled out her umbrella throwing the bag back in Abbey's face "HAY! GIVE THAT BACK!" Abbey cried as she tried to get it back but Tyressa held it above her. She laughed "or what!" a sudden rage came over Abbey as she clenched her fist and without thinking lunged fullword punching Tyressa directly in the mouth. Tyressa fell back dropping the umbrella Angel grabbed her arm to help stabilise her.Tyressa wiped her lip and looked at her bloody hand she was furious she rammed in to Abbey pushing her to the floor,kicked her in the head and spat on her before picking up her umbrella and storming of grabbing and dragging Angel along with her.Abbey pushed herself up on her shaky arms as the rain got heaver. She wiped her arm across her face wiping the blood from her split open mouth and cheek. Grabbing her drenched through bag Abbey dizzily trudged home.

By the time Abbey got home she was saturated she stumbled up to her front door and tried to open it but it was locked. She peered throw the glass and saw her mum who just angrily stared at her clutching a bottle of whiskey.Abbey stared down at the floor, went round to her garden and climbed into her tree house closing all the shutters and hatches before pulling out a small wooden chest. Inside the chest was a wrapped up blanket with a mirror a doll and and sliver picture frame with a picture of Abbey and her nan. Abbey spent most her time in her tree house it was the only place where no one could get to her. She curled up in the corner and covered herself with the blanket before peering into the mirror. The left side of her head was badly bruised where Tyressa had kicked her head into the ground. and blood run from her mouth. She tightly grasped the doll as tiers filled her eye's and steamed down her face "What should I do nan?..." she tucked her head in-between her nee's and eventually cryed herself to sleep.


Tyressa stepped in the house carefully closing the door behind her and made her way towards the stares. She spun round the banister but was stopped dead in her tracks by Theo,  Theo was Tyressa's step brother she was left with him when her mum and step dad were killed in a car crash.Theo looked at her split open lip and laughed "aww is Tyre-Wyre being bullied" he smacked her making a load clapping sound and laughed again as Tyressa covered her face with her hand. he grabbed her wrist pulling her closer so she had to look him in the eye. She tried to looked away "When are you gunna learn to stand up for yourself!" Theo yelled in her face "look at you! your pathetic!" he grabbed her hair and dragged her up the stares throwing her in to a small room and locked the door.Tyressa pulled out a pencil and started doodling on the wall holding back her tears. The wall's were already covered on pictures and squiggles from other times she had been shut in, the floor was cold and hard and the only thing in the room was an old mankey dog cushion tucked in the corner.

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