It wasn't meant to go this far

My bullying competition entry


1. I just want to go home

Abbey anxiously peered around making shore the cost was clear before she made her move. "yes!" she thought to herself they weren't there or at lest she thought they weren't. slipping her way throw the crowd she made her way to the school buss but just before she could reach it Angel appeared in front of her with her arms crossed that bitchy smirk spreed across her face Abbey tried to slip around her but Angel grabbed her arm and pulled her back coursing her to tumble backwards greasing her hands as she hit the ground "I was so close" "And where do you think your going?" She giggled as Tyressa appeared form behind her and joined in "You weren't planing on going home where you Abbey-wabbey?" They pulled her to her feet and shoved her in-front of them "now get going!" Abbey turned to look at her trying to stabilise her voice as she replied "..but.. my mum said if I don't come home today.. I.." "b b b but my mum said" Tyressa mimicked her in a stuttering babyish voice and smirked  "no one cares what your stupid slag of mother said ok? Just get going!" They pushed her again and she stumbled fullword sightly. Abbey stared at the ground and fiddled with her sore cut-open hands as she waked ahead of them listening to them wispier and giggle about her behind her back. 


As they approached the shop Tyressa gave Angel a nudge and Angel sprung fullword grabbing Abbeys bag off her back "Hay!" Abbey tried to gab it of her but Tyressa shoved her back "calm down Abbey we're just having a little look" They shuffled throw her bag until they found her purse. They zipped it open, pulled out a ten pound note and chucked her bag and purse on the floor "so nice of you to offer to pay for us" grinned Tyressa as she pocketed the money Abbey shuffled around the floor picking all her stuff up off the ground and shaking off her drenched wallet that landed in a murky puddle. As Tyressa walked ahead Angel lent down and tried to help Abbey pick her stuff up. Tyressa turned round and frowned at Angel "Angel don't worry about that Abbey can handle it" "yeah..right.." Angel gave Abbey an apologetic look as she throw her muddy maths book back on the floor and caught up with Tyressa who smiled at her before directing her attention back to Abbey "well come on we haven't got all day!" she grabbed Abbey by the collar and pulled her along still leaving her scattered homework all over the pavement. Tyressa grabbed a couple of cans of monster and a big bag of Haribo's before going to the till to pay with Abbeys money. Angel sighed "I'm going to the toilet I'll be back in a minute" Tyressa rolled her eyes ok just don't take all day!" Angel slipped into the ladys room peeking throw the door at Tyressa who was teasing Abbey about her hear bobbles. she walked over to the mirror and sighed again "I can't keep this up..I need to stop this... but.. what if she starts treating me like Abbey...what am I going to do?..." Angel hated doing this to Abbey she new what it was like she'd been there before. suddenly there was a load knock at the door interrupting her train of thought "Angel! are you coming out now you've been in there forever!" Angel washed her hands and headed out the door "finally what took you so long!" "sorry..I." "Really your just as bad as her sometimes!"  Tyressa snapped as the three of them walked out of the shop.

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