Misconceptions of First Impressions

Who are you? Can you ever really tell without the influence of what others say? In this story Anna dictates the troubles she encounters when she is changed by the manipulation of another girl, Ulna. Once confident, independent Anna was changed by Ulna's manipulation and mind games into a timid, unsure being on the brink of suicide. When somone knows all your weaknesses and targets them, how can you not collapse?
(Closley based on a true story)


1. What is a bully?

The word bully is quite a vague and broad term. When one says bully you imagine the stereotypical student, who roams the school halls harassing other students. But, a real bully is someone who can isolate you weakest point into an aspect of yourself that engulfs you, defines you and eventually destroys you.

I expect there are some who behave like the bullies in movies, where else would the idea have come from, if not from actual people? But, I’ve never met anyone like that. What is the definition for the word ‘bully’? The problem is there isn’t one that will ever sum up the wrong doings of all these people. Is a bully a person who merely calls another an insulting name? Surely we have all done it one time or another, so then are we all bullies?  Or is a bully someone who repeatedly insults another? Perhaps. Being of a mixed race I’ve often come across classmates who will stop, literally stop in their tracks to pause and make a racial remark. With a certain level of pride in my heritage and self this never bothered me. These people I would not regard as bullies, just ignorant, ill mannered beings, who I hold more feelings of pity for than anger. No, I believe a real bully is someone who initially uses your own weakness to hurt you.

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