Misconceptions of First Impressions

Who are you? Can you ever really tell without the influence of what others say? In this story Anna dictates the troubles she encounters when she is changed by the manipulation of another girl, Ulna. Once confident, independent Anna was changed by Ulna's manipulation and mind games into a timid, unsure being on the brink of suicide. When somone knows all your weaknesses and targets them, how can you not collapse?
(Closley based on a true story)


11. Waking up from death's door

Unfortunately I did wake up. I confessed everything to my aunt as soon as she enquired about the disorganised medicine cabinet. She was furious but disappointed more than anything, she said I should have talked to someone. But who could I have talked to? Certainly not her, anything I said she dismissed as if it was nothing but a speck of dirt. After being absent from school for a few days to recover, I returned. Facing Ulna was a feat I could not do, so I avoided her as much as possible. It seemed in my absence she used the opportunity to strengthen her bond with the others.

I was surprised with a visit from the school councillor at recess. She asked me about the tension between me and Ulna, I guessed Ulna’s parents complained to the school. That week we each were made to tell our side of the story. When it came to my session with the councillor I learnt Ulna confessed to not knowing why I discontinued out friendship. How could she not know? Her psychotic need to be better was what pried us apart.I didn’t know if she was really oblivious, or if she was simply playing the innocent act again; either way I had enough.


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