Misconceptions of First Impressions

Who are you? Can you ever really tell without the influence of what others say? In this story Anna dictates the troubles she encounters when she is changed by the manipulation of another girl, Ulna. Once confident, independent Anna was changed by Ulna's manipulation and mind games into a timid, unsure being on the brink of suicide. When somone knows all your weaknesses and targets them, how can you not collapse?
(Closley based on a true story)


7. Leaving in Defence

The next week Ulna was absent from school, which was my opening to finally acquaint myself with my other classmates.

“So Anna, how come you never hang around with us? Gemma asked. She was from South Africa, quite nice but more than anything known for being fun.

 “Ulna prefers us to spend time alone. When I talk to others she gets…she gets sad in a way I suppose.” Gemma looked at me and grinned; I just heard myself and found how immature it sounded. “ I would like to get to know you better, but I guess I was always to shy to introduce myself.” I confessed.

“We’d love to hang out with you, you’re really cool. Just Ulna…”

“What about her? You don’t like her?”

“Well, I don’t want to say anything bad but we’ve all had some unpleasant experiences with her. A few years ago she hung around with us but she was always overly competitive and jealous, she cried at the slightest thing, and tried to break us apart.”

I was no more surprised by this news than if I had heard a pigeon went flying the other day.  I decided there and then to drift from Ulna gradually; my aunt thought this a good idea, especially as she saw me so distressed over the past year. I tried to be gracious about the whole procedure to ensure Ulna wouldn’t feel betrayed; but things didn’t  quite go to plan.


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