Misconceptions of First Impressions

Who are you? Can you ever really tell without the influence of what others say? In this story Anna dictates the troubles she encounters when she is changed by the manipulation of another girl, Ulna. Once confident, independent Anna was changed by Ulna's manipulation and mind games into a timid, unsure being on the brink of suicide. When somone knows all your weaknesses and targets them, how can you not collapse?
(Closley based on a true story)


2. I wish I'd known

My aunt ran into a few troubles with her job; forcing us to move abroad to Croatia.  I had always attended public school in England, but as my aunt was now a teacher at a private school I joined her there. It was awkward at first to be a student with their relative as a member of staff but no one seemed to mind. The first day the entire student body of just 180 students was assembled in a small hall. A small, rat like woman went on and on about her high expectations for the school. Judging by the clientele I predicted her expectations would not be met; all the students came from extremely wealthy and or famous families and had no real need for a job in the future, so their motivation to work was unsurprisingly low. After what seemed hours each class was herded off to their classrooms, on the way to my class a bouncy girl introduced herself; stretching out her hand to shake mine.

“Hi, I’m Ulna, what’s your name?”  She began. The whole dialogue seemed like a rehearsed line from a textbook, which it probably was. When I learnt Spanish that was the first thing I learnt to say, English was her second language so I guess I couldn’t expect any other greeting.

“Anna.” I briefly replied with a little smile. I’ve never been comfortable with meeting new people. We went up a few steps before Ulna opened her mouth again. “So, where are you from? You’re not Croatian.” I knew she was just being friendly but I felt like she was imposing; or maybe I just felt like that because I hate small talk. “I’m from England. Is the classroom this way?” I pointed ahead. The corridor had a dead end so there was no other direction to go, she must have thought I was odd for asking the obvious, but I would do anything to change the subject. I hated to talk about home, it just made me realise how much I missed it. “Yes, straight forward and it’s the third door. England! That’s so cool, I guess you’ll be the best at English then.” As she said this her tone dampened. There, right there! I should have noticed there and then just at that change in tone what type of person she was. Well it would have been impossible, but I still wish I’d known, then I could have saved myself a lot of turmoil.

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