Misconceptions of First Impressions

Who are you? Can you ever really tell without the influence of what others say? In this story Anna dictates the troubles she encounters when she is changed by the manipulation of another girl, Ulna. Once confident, independent Anna was changed by Ulna's manipulation and mind games into a timid, unsure being on the brink of suicide. When somone knows all your weaknesses and targets them, how can you not collapse?
(Closley based on a true story)


5. Discovering true Colours

Over the course of the next year we seemed inseparable. Ulna seemed happy to pass me off as a friend who simply adored her. Though this was not the case. As I came to get to know Ulna, I realised how different we were, in both personality and in views. She believed deeply in god, and I for one was an atheist. Which would have been fine, if she was not one of those believers who insisted that everybody should conspire with their religion. Her hobbies such as drawing and beading, were some of the few things that made me yawn at the though of it. But, I had promised myself as her best friend, so I formed a sort of a pretence that I too enjoyed all these things, and agreed with all she had to say. Over time I truly believed I knew her. It wasn’t until I visited Ulna’s house did I discover the root of her constant need of attention. Her parents were wrapped around her finger in a sense, yet over protective and controlling in another. Her mother expected so much from Ulna.

“Anna, have you seen this?” Ulna’s mother started.

“No, Mrs Ronila? What is it?” I looked at the diary she was holding towards me. On the open page was instruction after instruction of work that needed to be done, I presumed by Ulna, unless MrsRonila planned on doing twenty pages of mathematics. Some of the instructions were highlighted in fluorescent yellow.

“Ulna was supposed to finish all of this studying by today but she hasn’t. Isn’t that terrible?” She shunned as she looked at Ulna.

I smiled not knowing how to react to such a strange announcement. Was she telling me this to humiliate Ulna? Or to show me how much work Ulna was doing? I believe it was both.

Before I came to the school Ulna was the top of the class for all subjects, excluding physical education. She was what the teachers regarded a perfect student, and what the class regarded as a pest. Ulna was one of those pupils who spoke in a higher tone when addressing teachers and who listed all her accomplishments from the previous night’s study session whenever possible. When I came to the school Ulna saw me as a threat as she was yet to better my score in a test.

At first I corroborated with everyone’s theory that Ulna was hard-working and clever. But, after spending everyday with her I soon realised the whole thing was an act. After boasting about how much work she had done I asked her to see it so I could understand a topic better but she always found a way out of it. I was suspicious at this, only when we were studying at her house did I realise her whole disguise.

“So shall we start the maths?” I suggested

“No, it’s alright. We’ll turn the laptop around so my mother can’t see what we’re doing. Then we don’t have to study. That’s what I always do.” She replied. Without being aware of it Ulna had just revealed she in fact does not study as she tells the teachers. I smiled at this comment, for it was the first time I saw Ulna's true colours. The real Ulna, not the veneer of a perfect darling she put up. The idea that she lied didn't bother me, but the thought that she constantly boasted infront of the class to make them feel inferior really boiled my blood. I have met many  spoilt people, many fake people but I did not know how frightful a person she was. True colours do not lie, but they can be easily hidden.

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