Writers block

A poem about writers block


1. Writers block

A burst of inspiration guides you throw the start,

you write until you can't think of anything else to put,

it wouldn't surprise me if even in this poem I come across it, 

writers block, the nightmare everyone has experienced,

so you listen to some music and you think really hard, you try not to get distracted but its always so hard,

you try to keep on writing without it becoming repetitive and dry,

but really that's all you can do, sit think and try, 

it becomes really discouraging when you really have no clue,

but no worry's, I'm sure it will come to you soon,

a new burst of inspiration can come form anywhere.

so don't worry you will get there,

just don't give up and keep on trying,

there's no use of sitting in the corner and crying,

and yes before you ask, the only reason I made this poem,

is because I had writers block,

and I need to keep on writing.

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