Sorrow in my Soul

There lives a girl whose parents are too busy to see their daughter's sorrow.They give her money but money doesn't buy happiness.Every day the pain grows stronger and stronger but she's been silenced.It cuts deep into her heart and into her soul.This story is written from the view of the bully and the victim.For the Bullying Competition please support me and hit like,favourite and give me advice if you like it.


2. Bully

I stare at Alena lying on the floor somebody screams.

"Get up Alena"I whisper hoping she would wake up any time.

"Please"I whisper.

"She's killed her"somebody shouts.

No,no way I killed her.I would never kill someone I only bullied Alena because when she came everyone thought she was perfect.Alena stole my best friend.I remember the day it was my 7th birthday party.She stole Rebecca from me,there's a picture of Alena and Rebecca with me at the side staring at them.From that day forward I longed to make Alena miserable just like she made me.The headteacher walks in and stares at Alena.

"What in the name happened who hurt her"the headteacher shouts staring at Alena.Suddenly there is silence in the room.

"It was Susan she killed her"someone shouts.The headteacher looks at me.

"It was a accident"I whisper.

"Susan been bullying Alena ever since"someone shouts. 

"Susan get your parents here I need to ring the hospital"the headteacher shouts and rings 999.

A while later ambulances and polices come and take Alena in.A police officer walks to me

"What happened"the police officer shouts at me.I cry as i am scared.I don't stop when the police officer tells me to stop crying,i don't stop when my parents come i just keep crying.I don't care that everybody else is looking at me.There probably shocked that Susan the school bully is crying.I only know i can stop crying when i know that i haven't killed Alena.

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