My Brother, Dave

A moving story about a 16 year old girl who is the only person to know about his brother's tragic, unexpected death. Will she have the courage to confess everything to her family?


7. The End Of My Story

Im now 16 years old and my new brother, James is as cute as a button. i love him so much. he's now four! You know what they say, time flies by. i've told him about Dave but i twisted the story a little. i told James that he was eaten by a dragon but lives inside his tummy! i will get on to the true story as he grows up.

i dont visit Dave as much anymore, i'm focusin on my GSCE's but i will always remember he's there. i finish them next week. i have promised him i'll show him my results before my parents.

im guessing thats the end of my story; My name is Josephine Roberts and my parents still don't know my secret.

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