My Brother, Dave

A moving story about a 16 year old girl who is the only person to know about his brother's tragic, unexpected death. Will she have the courage to confess everything to her family?


2. Should I Tell Mummy And Daddy?

Every day and every night, I would think back to the day i watched Dave being killed. i cant tell mummy or daddy, never. Of course, mummy and daddy knew Dave was dead but they didn't know i witnessed the whole event. And they never will know. Before i went to sleep every night, i juggled my thoughts. Question after question drifted through my mind. Should i tell mummy and daddy? i would fall asleep, reaching a regretful decision. no, i am not telling mummy and daddy. i used to cry, even when mummy and daddy were around. they would ask me why - i would say it was nothing. i would disappear for hours and sob in my room. Occasionally, my mum would ask me about my constant crying. i refused to tell her anything. i felt so guilty but this was my secret. Mummy once told me that i can tell her anything, however, in this case, i had to keep this quiet.

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