My Brother, Dave

A moving story about a 16 year old girl who is the only person to know about his brother's tragic, unexpected death. Will she have the courage to confess everything to her family?


3. My 7th Birthday

14th July 2003, my 7th birthday. every other ordinary girl would be estatic about their birthday. but not me. i cried for the majority of the day, my whole family were longing to see me but i wanted to curl up tight and just be alone. i enjoyed my own company now. before dave passed away, i loved playing game after game with my older brother. mummy was right - there was many cold hearted people in the world and one of those cold hearted people killed my brother, Dave. i remember nanny coming up to see me. she told me she missed me. i missed her, like i miss my brother, Dave. i wanted to go downstairs and see the huge cheesy grin my cousin, Georgia had on her face and grandpa's welcoming arms greeting me at the bottom of the stairs. but, photographs of Dave and i surrounded the house. if i went downstairs, i would see them everywhere then gradually start to cry a river.

It was late in the evening when all the family had left. i was relieved.

That night i fell asleep and fell in to a deep, tranquil slumber. When i awoke the following morning, i noticed a note on the fridge. it read - "Daddy is in the shower. i've gone to get some milk, your pancakes are in the microwave. From,Mummy,x"

it was a struggle to smile but i managed...

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