My Brother, Dave

A moving story about a 16 year old girl who is the only person to know about his brother's tragic, unexpected death. Will she have the courage to confess everything to her family?


5. Four Years Later

Four years has passed and i still remember what daddy told me. i was starting to get over it but i still missed him, i still wanted my brother next to me. i remember getting into the habit of going to visit my brother. i went to his room and visualised him in front of me, talking to me. he asked me how i was and how i was doing now he wasn't there. i told him i missed him and i wanted him back. i remember him telling me that he'll come back; he promised me. i took his word for it. i left the room, watching his spirit wave me goodbye and wisping away.

another thing Dave told me was that he wanted me to succeed in life. i knew he was watching me. i could feel him. i wanted him to make him proud.

the week after was my 1st week of secondary school. i was incredibly nervous. only two things comforted me - knowing my  brother was watching me and my bestfriend, Evangaline was coming along to. She didnt know about my secret, just like my parents.

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