Till de End

This story is about a girl who wants to find her way back to her childhood home so she can be free after her parents die in a car crash and she has to live with these horrible people. Its her only chance of her having her freedom. Also she falls in love with someone that she never thought would happen...


2. Late

"Izzie,come on were going to be late for the train!" my dad  thinks I'm worried about missing a train, but I'm not because another one comes half an hour later as they always do.Besides how can I go shopping when I haven't even found my purse. My dad is always saying I need to buy stuff with my own money, now that I have got some - it's from my birthday money from two weeks ago. Why would I want to spend stuff with my own money I was trying to save it for later in life. Thanks to a ski trip that my teacher said I have to go because it 65% of my grade! My dad is one of those ones when he wants everything done early and be early, for example: if i have a braces appointment at 15:15 my dad would be there ar 14:55. I dont know why he just always has, thats why I'm not in any rush to go to the train because it leaves in ike 45mins and it takes 2mins to get to the train station. He says all the seats get taken up, but they never are. "Come on Izzie!" He yells all the time, but he still the best dad in the whole world. Wait...I havent told you about my mum, shes at work at the moment - shes a dental nurse and a recepctionist.

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