This is a story of a 15 year old girl. She is surrounded by a group of bullies in friends clothing. Her "Friends" bully her as she is different. She is threatened that if she moves away, she will be killed. Will she break free of the monsters?


1. Punished

I closed my eyes and waited for the beating to stop, but it didn’t. It never does. They finally left and I laid sprawled out along the floor. I slowly began to move and that’s when the real pain sank in. I whimpered in silence, not wanting anyone to hear me, not wanting anyone to notice me. I knew that shouting would do no good, they’d just come back until I’d finally stop. I’m different. Differences cause trouble and I get punished. They punish me to stop me being different, but I can’t help it, so I just get beaten again.


I’m fifth teen years old and I hate life. That’s an understatement: I loathe everyone else’s lives. Why should other people get to be happy and normal when I am forever punished? So how am I different? I’m too smart and too quiet. I live in a small flat with my mum. I don’t see it as living with her as she is busy and never sees me. At school I live a lie. I am surrounded by many people who aren't my friends, but my prisoners. They say they are protecting me from being different and I am convinced. I've lived with these people for my whole life. I know no other life and assume this is right. I'm moving away soon and haven't told my  friends. Except Scarlet knows. Scarlet is the leader of the group of  friends which I am surrounded by.  "You can't move away. If you do, I'm coming to kill you"  
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