This is a story of a 15 year old girl. She is surrounded by a group of bullies in friends clothing. Her "Friends" bully her as she is different. She is threatened that if she moves away, she will be killed. Will she break free of the monsters?


8. Hospitalized

There it was. Scarlet knew. I could feel my legs tremble. I pushed my hands down on my knees in a feeble attempt to stop them shaking, but it was no use as my arms where shivering too. My brittle, boney body couldn't support itself anymore and collapsed to the floor. I could have woken up, but I was in so much pain, I needed to sleep.

I shuffled around in the starchy sheets, feeling them scratch against my skin. I didn't want to open my eyes. I wanted to just lay there forever, not worried about anything. You know that feeling when you wake up and it takes you a minute or two to remember what was happening? I was in that moment and loving it! Then do you get that horrid sense of realization when those two minutes are up? I leaped out of this bed, or might have done if I wasn't so weak and drowsy. I felt like I was high: I'd never actually been high in my life, but  I imagined this is what it felt like. I just managed to roll my head and saw the many wires leading into my body. I felt sick. 

I fully opened my eyes and looked around the room. It was obvious that I was in a hospital, not only did it give big tell-tale signs (like the heart monitor and IV drip), the room had ugly, discolored, "white" walls. Again I tried to move but I could only seem to move my head. I heard footsteps outside the door and I closed my eyes; I felt too weak to talk. They pushed through the door then stood by my bed after shutting the door.

"It's OK, she's asleep" I recognized that Welsh accent anywhere, it was my head master. I heard his shoes clomp unattractively to the edge of the room and listened as he dropped into a chair, making groaning noises, the same groaning noises as old men trying to get comfortable. 

"Continue with what you were saying Jonah." She clip-clopped over to him then stood still. 

"I think we should hold off questions about Scarlet until she has recovered. Why, just telling her that Scarlet knew literally scared her half to death, she wouldn't be able to take the news that Scarlet has been taken by the police." My breath caught. Scarlet had been taken? How did Mrs Clintoff know? 

"I know that Jo, but we need to find out as much as we can to help her, they can't keep Scarlet for long unless we have evidence that she has been harming her." He sighed heavily and I heard him scratch his forehead.

"Does the girl's mother know yet?" I'd completely forgot about my mum.

"No. We've been unable to reach her at work." Mrs Clintoff's sigh was even harder than my head masters. I'm glad my mum wasn't here; she'd just be fussing and panicky. Plus, it means I'd have to explain what had happened over the past 12 years while she was looking after me, and I know she would just hate herself for it. I thought back to what my head master said. Scarlet was a bad person and not a friend, I could see that now. She'd been hurting me for over a decade...

"I want to talk to the police." 

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