In my Memory

I can't see why people do this to me, I did nothing to them. But, even so they go ahead and bully me. Actually, bully is an understatement, more like torment me. And they beat me up, everyday, I can't take it anymore, I'm sick of it.


1. Before I start

Before I start this Movella, I need to make it quite clear that Bullying happens to everyone. Whether they're either side of the story, they're still involved. There different types of Bullying: Physical, Emotional, Cyberbullying. If it is Cyberbullying report ther person that sent the message/s to you. With Emotional and Physical Bullying, if it's at school, tell the teachers. But if it does continue (sometimes it does get past the teachers) go to Childline. A recent survey on Childline shows that 78% of us have or are being bullied. That is just wrong. Now that I've talked about it a little bit I'm gonna start the Movella now, but always know, that you are never alone.

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