connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


8. May 28th 1997

Dear diary,

                Today was the day of the funeral. I was dressed in my plain black long skirt and top. My mum wore the same and my dad wore black bottems and top with a black tie, we all wore black shoes aswell. We drove over to the funeral company to drove over to the cemetry in the big funeral car with Lolahs corpes in her cofin.

My dad walked with the three other men down the black carpet with Lolahs cofin on his back and me and mum was in the first row. Mum went up first to say her first words. Tears were building up in my eyes, some slowly trickled down my soft face. Dad went after mum, now everybody in the room was in tears and so was I. My hands were in my lap but the tears just kept coming down my face and I couldnt help myself but sop very loudly but dad understood me compleatly and continued tring to keep the tears back. After he had finished it was my turn. I walked slowly up the the stand and took and deep breat and closed my eyes for a second to focus myself. Then I started saying the speech i had prepared yesterday. "thank you all for coming"............

After I was finished and everybody went we walked slowly to ware a hole had been dug for Lolah. As she was being put in I thought of it as a life going into the tunnel to a new life so it made fell better but not so much that it stopped me from crying. When the dirt was placed over her cofin and she was now gone into the dirt I fell to my knees and used my hands to make a whole and slowly with my eyes closed I placed the rose into the hole and filled it in. After we said a prayer we slowly walked away. None of us said anything, it was total silence. That is all i can manage.

weak suttle love


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