connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


7. May 27th 1997

Dear diary,

                 I was aloud to go home because Lolah was no more, but I will now ware black to show my sorrow. I walked into Lolahs room, all of her things in it. Everything smelt like her, tears swelled up in my eyes. There was so much to do for the funeral. Mum asked if I wanted to say something, obviously i said yes. So I ran up the stairs and pulled out my pen and pan. My pen was black with white dimands, and my pan had a purple cover with a red and yellow stripes. I right in there a lot because I really like writing my own stories but this page will be more serious. I began to write my speech, It took all my heart and feelings to creat a speech that means so much to me yet wont make me cry. Finally after a pian staking two hours so writing i was finished. Here is the finished speech:

Thank you all for coming today. Icant bare to see my sister go, but she is in a better place now so I cannot be so disheartened. As you all know I was Lolahs only sister and I truly loved her. She was the youngest cancer child ever so she was always very unique. The last true memory I have of her was when I was at the beach was her. She looked so happy with her big smile. Once again thankyou all for coming she will be missed.

I brought a rose to put in her grave so we will always be connected by the single rose. It was pure red and I had cut of al the spiks so it wouldnt be painfull. It was the best rose in our gearden, it was the prittest and the redest. I chose it from our garden so it will have a special to do with our family and home. Well that is all that has happened today.

love leanne

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