connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


6. May 26th 1997

Dear Diary,

                 Yesterday was the most perfect day that had ever came around but today made me forget how much i was happy because in the night Lolah had a heart attack. All I did was weep and weep and weep. Nothing worse could have happened. why couldnt have it been me. This was the only thing I could think of. I couldnt even see her because she was in the intensive care unit so i wasnt aloud in there. I was so sad. Suddenly mum came running in screaming with pain and tears cascaded down her red puffy face. I had now clue what was going on but before I knew it I was being draged by my mum to a small room. Dad was in ther crying to, then my eyes clanced down at the cristal white sheet. I knew she was under there but it took me a while to soak in that Lolah had died. The heart attach killed her. At this moment I felt like killing myself I  didnt know what to say I just cried with my parents. When we had all carmed down they said they will let the funeral company take her to the church in three days. Mum new this was coming so she had planned the funeral and had all ready recorded what time she died but it just didnt seam right to me that there was such a fuss over a funeral. I didnt really care all I wanted was for her to be back but she couldnt so I said nothing.


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