connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


5. May 25th 1997

Dear diary,

                Mum said that I could go home with Dad today to freshen up, but I really didnt want to go but I did not argue with mum because I was go crushed to do so. So I went home but when I was dont I rushed stright back to find Lolah beeing rushed into theatre. My mind began to spin round and round was she going to die. I felt like crying and screaming at the same time but I held it in so I could talk to my mum in a sane fashion. But when i went to the place where Lolah used to lay she wasnt there. I looked and serched around the hospital for ages but i could not find her at all. I was beggining to become very worried about mum and Lolah whitch made me twice as worried so insted of holding it in I burst out in painfull tears. All I could do was sit in the chair and wait to see if she came back but because I didnt get much sleep I ended up falling asleep. When i awoke on my slumber Lolah was in her bed next to me and mum was there aswell, I was so happy to see everyone there but Lolah was as still as the dead and i was so scaired. Mum started talking to me in a quick fashion because I quess she didnt want to talk about it. She told me that they found a tuma in Lolahs lung and sh epassed out during the night so they opperated and her. They had to take out half of her lung, the part with the tuma in so she will be asleep for a little while. But thankfully she will now get a few extra years of her life. This made me feel a little better becasue she will live to a good age but she will still have cancer. Asking mum this question wasnt easy but I finally slured the words out. Mum I asked how long will Lolah live for. There was silance before she spoke, then she said she will live for twenty to twenty five years if she doesnt pass out or the cancer doesnt spark up again. I really didnt know what to say so I said nothing there was silance in the room for a while then Lolah started opening her eyes. I had ner been so excited in my life she didnt say a thing but her eyes said a thousnd words. She gave me a gentle smile and held her weak hands and she gently squeezed them whitch made me feel the happest sister alive mumkissed her forhead and told her she will be all right, and for a moment i believed her. After all that has happened over the past three days she finally opens her eyes and smiles at me. My crushed and battered heart was now fixed and I couldnt be happy.

lots of love


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