connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


4. May 24th 1997

Dear diary,

                 Now Lolah has cancer we have to live in the hospital for 5 weeks, one person has to stay with her. I really cant take it, now we cant go to the playground or to the funfair. I was now crying, my eyes were streaming with tears. They poured out of my eyes like a water fall on a rainy day. I had never been so upset in my life. I reached out and held Lolahs small little had,it was as cold as ice and as white as it to. I looked at mum my eyes puffy and red and she looked at me, we didnt say anything to eachother we just looked into eachothers eyes, and I knew that she understood what I was thinking. This made me feel a tiny pit better but my heart fely like a clowd of doubt and pain flooded it. To take my mind of the hole situation I began to write some music. I loved playing the quitar, I have been playing the quitar since I was nine so I am very good. My guitar is made from solid oak and has my name printed in silver dimands but even the sparkle they make cant even make me happy. Si I rote a song about love and pain because I normally write about what I feel. After a while my attention was drawn to Lolah and the docters serounding her. They were doing tests. When they left I asked mum if Lolah whould lose her hair. My mum said yes because of the Kemo but we can not stop that. To be honest i really didnt care if she lost her hair all i cared about was that she servived because she is only four years old. She is to young to die and if she does I will miss her so much. Thats all for today.

Sort of love

Leanne Stopp   


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