connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


3. May 23rd 1997

Dear diary,

                 It was twelve o'clock in the morning when the nurse came in to check on Lolah. She shaked her head. I was becoming more and more worried about Lolah everytime she was checked they shook their heads. What was wrong with her? And why wouldnt my mum telll me, if it was so serious wouldnt she tell me? There was lots of emotions going round my head but I really need sleep. I was awoked again at six o'clock but there wasnt the normal nurse it was a doctor. He siad he needed Lolah for some tests. Mum and Dad were all ready awake and helped him roll the sleeping Lolah out of the ward. I wanted to protest but sadly before i could they were out of the doors and gone. I was now sitting alone in a place whitch i didnt know with a sister that was seriously ill. I fell back asleep but I was poked so many times I thought it was Lolah but to my suprise it wasnt Lolah it was mum. She sat me up and help my hand then look at dad before saying something. She was going to tell me what was wrong with Lolah.... she had cancer. Thats all i can manage to write without cring.

No love at all leanne


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