connected by a rose

This story is about a girl who lost her sister and before she died she game her a rose.


1. May 21st 1997

Dear diary,

                 Today we went to the sea side. I went with mum and dad and sister Lola. Travelling in the car was so boring though. We don't have a very big car so we all had to squash together to fit all the things in with us, so it got very hot in there, plus it was very uncomfortable because Lola kept fidgeting and moving and complaining and her elbows kept jabbing painfully into my sides. I do love her very much but I wish she had stopped moving around. Finally the sea side. We all flooded out of the car, like water out of a waterfall. Mum grabbed and pulled all of the bags out of the car. In no time at all we were of down to the sea front. I was so excited I thought that my heart was going burst out of my chest. We have never been to the sea side before bacause we live in the city, and it's too far away, but because it was hot today mum took us. Me and Lola have been counting down this day for a week now! The sea was pushing calmly against the shore, and the sand felt smooth against my toes; it felt like I was walking on air. The sound of the seagulls and the wind combined was quite soothing. I have never felt so at peace with the world before. I ran to the middle of the beach and sat in a big clear space. For a beach in summer it was quite empty so finding a space wasn't hard.Mum gave me my bucket and spade and I began to build the most spectacular sand castle ever! I filled up six buckets with sand and stacked them around eachother with one on a hill in the middle. Then I used my hands like a dog and dug out a huge mote. It took me like eight journeys to the sea to fill up the mote but when it was full my castle was finished now all i needed to do was to decorate it. There was some large bolders with shells on them just down a little so I set off to get some. There was some massive shells there and some of them were purple so i choose them for the middle castle and some white ones for the outside ones. My castle looked perfect and Lola was playing with her spade in the sand; she was so happy being at the beach and that made me happy too. Sadly the day went to quickly and before I knew it we had to go home. Thank god Lola was asleep so she didn't shuffle around on the way home and it wasnt as hot this time. When we got home I went straight up to bed because all that running made me really sleepy. Well thats it for today.


love leanne xxx     

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