A New Beginning

Brianna Freeman, a girl with only a hope of a new start, has lived beyond a horrible life. Her mother, Morgan Grey, had her at age 16. After that, her father, Jason Freeman married her mom when she turned 18. On Brianna's mother's 22nd birthday she was diagnosed with heart cancer; which slowly spread. Soon Jason had left them alone without saying good-bye. He just packed his bags and left for another girl. Brianna hoped her mother would be cured. When she turned eight, her mother died in her sleep. Brianna moved in with foster parents who didn't care about her at all. They just fed her and did whatever they needed to do to keep her alive. When Brianna turned 15, after all of the bullying, she was done.


1. Forgetting The Past

     What is perfection and beauty today? Snobby girls who smother their faces with pounds of make-up and wear only 2 inches of clothes just to hook up with guys? Wow. Society these days. I remember when my mom was alive, not suffering from heart cancer. She was beautiful, no make up. All natural. That was my definition of perfect. Beauty inside and out. I loved my mom to death. If I had one last chance to hug her and tell her I love her, I'd take it, no doubt.

     I guess reality has taken my life now, so I should forget the past. But no one has any idea how hard it is. My life sucks.  Once my dad left and my mom had cancer, I knew I was screwed. I sometimes cry myself to sleep. Every tear is to my mother. I miss her.

     On the other side of things, I've made some friends at school. But only one stands out, my best friend, Camille Fitzgerald. I call her Cammy or Cam.  She's always there for me. Every bully that teases me; she gets rid of. She's my main girl.

     I've been crushing on this totally gorgeous guy, Justin, who is also beautiful on the inside. My problem is the girl who bullies me the most, Jennifer Blakes. She's obsessed with him too, but she's been too scared to ask him  out which is a great thing for me. I just need the courage to do it myself. But everything in my world seems impossible.






















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