Only Yesterday

Beckii who one day goes into work with her dad, suddenly reealises that she may have found the person of her dreams, after seeing him in her dads work place.


1. Worktime already

Autumn started. Leaves started to crisp. Trees began to thicken. The nights were beginning to fade out quicker. Air was moist. I wrapped a woolen scarf round my fragile neck, as i carefully buckled the last minute brass buckles on my new shiny scarlett shoes.Carelessly, i brushed my red hair back whilst skimming through it with my sweaty palms. In the dead silence, my loud footsteps echoed the pine staircase as i hurringly scammed through the shelves contents for a book to take. The squeeking pitch of my new leather shoes sounded the hallway with great depth.I slammed the front door behind myself, and left in a blue Toyota with my dad to work.


I boredly gazed outside of the glinted car window at the typical British weather- not freezing, nor warm. Slowly raising my head, a shabby car stopped next to me in the congestion , it seemed to have caught her my eye. I awkwardly turned my head, to which in my own suprise, the driver and the passengers were already looking upon me. I quickly spun round, not knowing what to do, i could feel eyes on the back of my head, the feeling of being stared at by complete strangers was so uncomfortable. The traffic began to move and I slowly but surely started to begin to relax again, and rested my relieved head upon the lukewarm glass.


The air felt colder than it looked. Although there was no movement in the thin breeze, it felt like cold rain drops on my glowing skin. The car cruised by the shop, i suddenly flung open the car door and threw myself into the warm shop, i started to praise myself by shouting victory phrases to my dads boss, or as known as 'Mandy'. Mandy chuckled. She was the piercer for the shop, and well, i didn't really work there, i was just the person who keeps an eye on people, the annoying person, if you like.


I sat depressingly on chair, which was encountered by many shadowing objects of the side if the shops perimiter. My glossy hair shimmered, in the flickering lights, as i flicked through my selected book. I slowly whisped through the shop, like a ghost, to the store room, which was in the back. The store room was a cold, stone place, that made you feel depressed just by looking at it from a distance. The diamater of the room was only about 5 metres at the most, it was very easily claustraphobic.I switched the old white kettle, which stuttered in the corner on the lonely room.


I hovered over to the doorway, which was the leading path into our shop. I stood there, 5 ft 7, with one of my feet perched upon a purple box that was near the doorframe. Suddenly, i froze. 4 sketched figures i could see in the distance was approaching. It wasn't a particulary foggy or misty day, it's just that they were very simple characters, i couldn't really study them properly. My body turned around, my eyes adjusted to the room, i carefully planned what i should do and where i should stand. I casually sat on the chair which was on the border of the shop, but what was right next to the counter.


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