Seven Deadly Virtues

There are 7 rules.
Break one and the penalty?


Thrown into a new world, as a slave to a powerful lord, Astella is forced to adapt...

in more than one way.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism,as I am new to this, if you have the time :) thanks for reading


7. Too late

"I've got it!" Cried Raphael, the castle's chief scholar, while running into the large room, with tall ornate walls with blue, black and gold tapestries. In the centre of each tapestry was the gold outline of a shield, dark blue inside the gold, with the head of a black lion in the middle of the shield. He had, what looked like, dark, brown hair which was rapidly greying. However old, though, he was in peak physical condition, like all the people in the camp. They had been questioning me for a while now, then after finding out nothing more, had done a mind probe. This included them putting their cool finger-tips gently on my temples and reaching out with their minds into mine. They, actually, had done it nicely, leaving my feelings and emotions untouched and only prodding relevant memories. To my surprise, they found a large section of my mind had been blocked. It hadn't taken them long to break in though, and inside the section they found out my "escape" Newburgh had put tiny micro phones and cameras in my retina and my ear drum, basically I had been a spy. Immediately I had been put in a small cage with wide bars, (but not wide enough). 

"Crystal Controlling!" Said Raphael "he uses crystals so you can change shape!"

"I don't understand!" Replied the Leader. "How?"

"There are four crystals injected in her heart, two are blue, open crystals. Ones that she can access. One is a Purple closed crystal, only a certain person can access that, Newburgh probably. And one red separate crystal, that contains her original form. I might be able to extract them... that would be the easiest solution, but I'm not sure. I'd really have to think carefully about it" He said scratching his dark, intelligent eye brows. 

"Stop! Lord, Raphael, there are some people! They've just come in, they say they're three of us!" said a herald, in a large dark blue tunic and black leggings with the gold and black Sheild Insignia on it. "Zephyr region camp."

"Send them in." replied the Rebel Lord.  


The tracks led to the Rebel base, I had never been here before, but Pipra and Izua had. We were all very confused why Astella might be here, much more that she was a hostage here. We came to the huge hard-wood and re-enforced iron gates. A guard stood outside, we showed him our marks (a black lion tattoo half-way up our forearm) and went through, to find Astella.

We were walking in a triangle shape. Pipra at the front, myself and Izua standing parallel at the back. We were walking solidly, heavy boots clunking loudly on the cold, stone floors. The place was silent, so our footsteps echoed on the tall walls. We walked along a long corridor led quiet guard we met just inside the gate in the typical Rebel Uniform. Covering the ground quickly, we soon found ourselves in an enormous under ground room, with dark blue tapestries all over the wall. The Leader sat expectantly, staring at us with cold grey eyes. 

"Pipra, long time no see." He announced. "What brings you here?"

"We search for a friend. A girl, feline looking. Sharp teeth. Claws. Long brown hair. Dark brown eyes. Called Astella." Replied Pipra. 

"Ahh that is the girl we have on our dungeons" said the Leader with a little too much enjoyment, "she is to be fixed." 

"What? What do you mean 'fixed'?!" cried Emillion, Izua put a hand on his shoulder in subtle restraint. 

"She is in no fault herself. We think she is a spy - "

"A spy?? My Astella would never be a spy!"

"Do not interupt me!" bellowed the Leader imperiously. "As I was saying, we found a tiny camera in both her retinas and ear drums, we wish only to remove these." The leader had his hood covering his entire head, to try and hide the sweat almost dripping off him, he hated lying because he was completely pathetic at it. But these sheep seemed to believe him. "When we are finished with her, you can have 'your' Astella back safe and sound" 

"Alright," responded Pipra, after a slight pause. "But we shall remain here until she has recovered and we are satisfied that she is fine. Good afternoon" And with that he walked briskly out, flanked by Emillion and Izua. He was extremely worried and angry, for he had never trusted the leader, but he couldn't argue at the risk of being executed. 

After the three of them had left the Leader's chambers, and guard stormed down the corridors at full speed and fell into the chamber. After panting and a glare from the leader said:

"The girl, she's gone."

Note: sorry it took a while to write this chapter, I was trying to write it with a little more detail, (key word "trying" :D) Anyway, I'm going to try and write a new chapter at least once a week. <3 xxx

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