Seven Deadly Virtues

There are 7 rules.
Break one and the penalty?


Thrown into a new world, as a slave to a powerful lord, Astella is forced to adapt...

in more than one way.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism,as I am new to this, if you have the time :) thanks for reading


4. The deer

I creep delicately through the long, dead grass, my eyes shinning like fire. I could see everything, I cannot beleive I used to live as I did. So, so blind. I crawled silently, my paws barely touching the ground, my ears were constantly moving, seeking out even the tiniest sound. There. That was it, a tiny rustle, to humans, inaudible, but I am not a human any more. Tracing the sound to a deer quietly eating about five hundred paces away, it is a risk, but I believe I can catch it. I walked faster now, still being careful to make no sound. five hundred, four hundred, three hundred, two hundred and then the last twenty paces. I notice nothing else, focusing entirely on the deer, walking another six metres, I stop. Then, I start to prepare for the catch, I bend all four legs so I am almost on the floor, head down, shoulder blades upwards, ready to pounce. All this time the deer has only moved very slightly. Three seconds, I start to tiptoe slowly forwards. Two seconds, I stop. One second, I breath in. Go. Faster than a gun shot I fling myself forwards and run as fast as I can, the deer reacts quicker than I thought, but I still out run it. I lunge forward, using my back legs, and sink huge, shiny white claws into its back. It screams. I pull it downwards, but it, she, still continues to struggle. I patiently hold her down until she gives up. I smile at my victory and lick my paws with contentment, I liked being a cat. 

So not to scare my friends I returned to the camp in my human(ish) form, with the deer slung across my back.   The camp was mainly empty, only Pipra and Emillion were awake. They didn't notice me at first, then Pipra looked up, then nudged Emillion, who followed suit. When he saw me, he started beaming uncontrollably. Me and Emillion had become very close over the month I'd been living here at the camp, he had helped me get used to the life, and myself, so I would be forever grateful to him. Everyone at the camp was lovely though, I got on really well with everyone, especially Pipra and Josephina. But I was always with Emillion, he was the closest friend I had ever had.

"Astella!" He called out, after standing up and beginning to walk towards me. "How was the hunt?" 

"Very well thankyou!" I replied, smiling. "I caught this beautiful deer, it will feed me for days" 

"Will you not share?" He teased.

"No, you ruin the meat!" I said.

"No, I cook it! I can't eat eat raw meat like you" he responded, laughing. I shook my head in mock disdain and proceeded towards the tent I shared with Josephina, changed into some tight brown leggings and tunic, then took the deer behind the tent, and began to hungrily eat it in the form of a large cat. I was so absorbed in the task, I didn't hear footsteps behind me.

"Hey Kitty" they said mockingly.

"Emillion!!" I tried to say, but it came out as a hiss.

"Change" he said, rolling his eyes. I did so.

"What do you want?" I asked angrily, deprived from my meal. 

"Come with me...." he said, holding his hand out. I took his hand, and he immediately began to run. Seeing this as a challenge, I caught up with him, and overtook him, causing him to lose grip on my hand, so I ran ahead, grinning. When I looked round again, it was not Emillion I saw, but a large, fierce man with grizzly black hair, brandishing a club. I hissed at him. 

"The master wants yer!" he cried "'e sez yer to come wiv me, now!" I gave him I look that could kill, but here the meaning was simple. The awful man laughed. "Tha's a shame. 'E'll get yer some day, 'e sez yer in wi' Newburgh. Fer your sake I 'ope not" Then he disappeared. I sighed, when I actually thought about that, he broke non of the rules, only I did. Then again, I was living in the wilderness, it didn't really matter. As a cat I slowly walked home, sulking.

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