Seven Deadly Virtues

There are 7 rules.
Break one and the penalty?


Thrown into a new world, as a slave to a powerful lord, Astella is forced to adapt...

in more than one way.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism,as I am new to this, if you have the time :) thanks for reading


8. Calling


I was just sat there in the nasty cage, that they had placed me in; bored. I was hungry. I wanted to run around. I wanted Emillion. I had been worried about him at first, but recently I found myself wanting him more and more every second. Eventually a flap, which I hadn’t noticed, opened. I shiny chromium bowl of meat off-cuttings attached to a hand was shoved through. I considered quickly snapping up the hand as well as the meat, but that would be anti-social. I just growled menacingly until the poor soul ran off. Then I carefully and deliberately ate each tiny piece of meat (seven in total). After that I went to sleep. Half an hour later, I was rudely awoken by someone shouting.

Come here

The words echoed through my head. They were all I could think of; pulsing through my mind like loud music that I just couldn’t tune out of. I tried putting my hands over my ears to block out the sound, but it just didn’t work. I soon realised that it wasn’t a noise; it was inside my head, because none of the guards were worrying. I changed into a cat, as this made me feel much safer.

Come here

It boomed again, I felt it ripple through my entire existence, from the tip of nose to the end of my tail. Instructing every single atom in my body to follow it. The urge to follow was building in me every second. Soon it would overflow and I would surge forward, unstoppable. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Cone here

I was changed in the tiny black cat. Small enough to just slip through the bars of the cage. I did so, it was as if my body was on auto-pilot. I didn’t have to think about anything, worry about anything. I just did it. It was great, and relaxing. Although, I was beginning to wonder where I was going. I guess I would find out soon.

I spent most of the journey half asleep, just letting my legs do the work and tuning my mind out completely, then I saw my destination.

It was a really big, white-walled house. There was shining glass of all colours in the windows, which hast cast iron fittings and balconies. Long tendrils from flowers drooped down over the beautiful walls. The flowers themselves were blood red, baby pink and cloud white. Pansies, margarites, roses and peonies. They added a lovely touch of colour to the house. The grounds around the house were deep, dense, green woods, with a little stream running through them. I good place for bunnies I thought, and I good place to hide.

My attention was taken when the black door was opened to reveal a footman in a neat, clean, black livery.He smiled down at me, so I flashed my teeth acknowledgingly at him.

"Good afternoon, Astella. Pleased that you could join us again so soon." He said in a rather bland voice, I purred and then moved on. Soon, I was faced with a large white door with a cat flap in it, getting the hint, I gently pushed my way through. When I looked up, I saw with great surprise - 

"Long time no see, eh 'Stella?"


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