Seven Deadly Virtues

There are 7 rules.
Break one and the penalty?


Thrown into a new world, as a slave to a powerful lord, Astella is forced to adapt...

in more than one way.

I'd appreciate constructive criticism,as I am new to this, if you have the time :) thanks for reading


3. A strange discovery (3rd Person)

For the last 20 years, the world had been ruled by a man named Edborad Newburgh. It was him who had imposed 'the seven deadly virtues' and had become a ruthless dictator, which was all good and well for the upper class and to some extent the middle class, but to the working class it meant, long hours and low pay and almost slavery in some cases. Evidently they began to get rather angry. After a while a group formed and called themselves, quite simply, the Rebels. In one particular woods, near Newburgh's manor, was a small group of the Rebels. Six of them. Izua, who was big and strong with a thick black beard, he liked to fight with a club of mace. Emillion, who was small, kind and understanding, he carried two small swords. He was the groups main cooker. Pipra, the leader, he was handsome and clever and good with a heavy two-handed sword. Along Katrina and Josephina, who were both formidable ladies, just as strong as the men (except Izua) and just as proficient, but especially with throwing knives. And lastly there was Ruffa, she was small and ruthless, but cared strongly about those she loved. She was the best one with a bow in the group.  

The forest in which they resided, contained mainly deciduous trees and was home to many different creatures, which made it very creepy at night time, because there was always movement somewhere. However other than that it was a very practical place to be. A tiny stream ran through the heart of it to supply a constant supply of crystal water to the campers and there were many edible berries and fruits to be found, for example black berries and juicy, vermilion strawberries. The only drawback was that it was right next to Newburgh's castle, which was patrolled by guards round the clock. He was not awfully tolerant in having a group of the most wanted people in Borea (the world) right next to him. But the six were very good at being unnoticed and fighting back if they were found and managed to keep reasonably out of harm's way.

Emillion and Izua were walking along the river as a patrol once, they were getting very close to the castle, so they were on their guard. There was a quiet rustling to be heard somewhere in the distance, Emilllion held out his hand and gestured silence, they carefully began to make their way to the source of the sound. After a few minutes the sound was louder and few moans and hiss could be heard, it sounded like there was a lion trapped somewhere. But their were no lions unless you went further south, so they were curious. They worked their way about fifty metres up the river and came across a female, that looked like a cross between a cat and human, she had a long fluffy tail, a few whiskers and her face seemed very feline. Also you could see when her mouth opened to yowl, a set of long shiny, canines. Izua shrieked, but Emillion was fascinated. 

"Hello?" he said. The female opened her eyes suddenly, they were big and brown, with a slit for a pupil. She was not scary, she was scared.

"H-hello. I-I am Astella. W-who are y-you?" she stuttered, with wide eyes.

"Hush, don't fear us, we mean you know harm. I am Emillion and this is my friend Izua. Erm.. may I ask what are you?" He asked kindly. Astella seemed to gain some confidence. 

"I am human, well I think. I can't remember what happened, one minute I was a normal human, now I'm like this." She explained. "It's so strange, I can see everything. I can smell everything, it all has a specific scent, even you and me. It terrifies me though."

"Don't worry, I'm not sure whether we can trust you yet, but you seem kind, just afraid." He said, and after a look at Izua "do you wish to come back to our camp with us? and you can stay with us till you are better"

"Y-yes please" she said unsurely " I don't think I'd survive on my own. Could you help me up though?" 

"Certainly," He replied, holding his hand out for her. When she took it he noticed, she had long, sharp claws. She would be useful, if she could fight. He also noticed she was wearing a pristine two-handed longsword on her back and she had very shiny, scaled armour, with a strange blue glint to it, he was unsure of the metal, but it looked strong and expensive. "Let's go" 

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