Love Story

Skrevet af min veninde.


9. Kapitel 9.

I went over to check and see who it was. I looked at it, hmm. Dont now who that is. Well i’ll just say it to her later.

Harry’s pov.

I had the girl of my dreams right in my arms, i just couldn’t stop smiling. I whispered something to her. ”This is all i want.” She looked up at me, kissed my lips softly. ”Your wish just came true.” she said in her lovely voice.

(Y/N)’s pov.

This all that you could dream of… like it was a dream!

It was getting late, and Harry and you just finish up. You walked back to the hotel, hand in hand. When you reached the hotel, Harry went to go find Paul. So you went up to the room, to put some lazy clothes on, you checked your phone. Granny has been calling you. Calling Granny ”Hey whut’s up gran?” ”Why haven’t you picked up the phone, i’ve been calling you for the last hour!” She sounded worried. ”Sorry i was out with Harry.” you said. ”Look you need to come back..” She said weak. What was going on with her? ”Why? I’m fine here, i have Harry and the boys…” ”It’s your mum, she hasn’t told you this.. But… 2 years ago, she went to the doctor, and a week after she went to the doctor. She got her results back…” She was crying. ”Granny… tell me!” She was crying even more, was is going on.. ”Granny i need to now.” Harry walked in, he gave me the look. ”Not now Harry” i mouthede. After 5min. She stoppede crying. ”Tell me Granny, what did the doctor say..” I had to hold back my tears and be strong.

”She’s dying (Y/N)! She has cancer..”  you droppede the phone, tears went down your face. No this couldn’t be.. I dont want to lose her, dont do this! ”(Y/N) Are you there?” your granny keept shouthing throw the phone. You cried more and more. Why didn’t she tell you.. Please God, dont take her away.. I need her! Harry came in, and saw you on the floor. ”Babe, what’s going on?”  he asked with a worried voice. ”I have to go home Harry, i’m so sorry. I cant stay here..” you got up, and went to get your bags.. You began to pack a quick as you could. ”Why are you leaving (Y/N) are you leaving me?” Right now you didn’t want to answer him, but he keept asking. Finally you spit it out. ”My mother is dying Harry! So please just leave me alone.” You said, and your voice craked. Harry stop, he looked at you. His eyes was almost in tears. You looked at him, with so many tears in your eyes. ”What?” he asked, and a tear came down his cheek. ”My mum has cancer, she’s had it for 2 years now. And her time is almost up. So i’m going home to her.” You looked at Harry one more time, kissed him on the cheek. And walked away. ”(Y/N)! Stop! I’m coming with you!” You could hear Harry shout from the room. You walked up to him, with your wet eyes… and broken heart. ”I have to do this alone Harry, i’ll call you when i get to England. I love you.” you whispered in his ear. You could fell his tears coming down. So you kissed his lips, and said goodbye.

You crabed a taxi to the airport, when you arrived at the airport. You were lucky to get a ticket. So now you got your ticket, time to go home.

Goodbye America.

After nine hours of flying, you finally reached London. You took a cab, to the hospital. Called your granny, and she came down to you. As soon as she saw you, she cried in your shoulder. It was hard for her. You standed there for 10.min before she asked if you were ready to see her. ”Love are you ready?” I looked down, i was frozen. I couldn’t move, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye. Not now!

I wanted her to be there, when i had my first wedding. My first baby. I wanted her to be there when ever i need her! She’s going up to my daddy, true love never really dies. At last she will be happy, and they’lll be together forever. I had a moment for myself, before i took 

one look throw the window. She was lying there, was she asleep or just resting? ”You can go in to her darling”  Granny said with a half smile on her face. I walked in slowly, she opened her eyes. And i ran over to the bed, to give her a hug. This could be the last time we have together. You went to site beside her. ”Mum why haven’t you told me about this?”  Tears came down your face. ”Oh babygirl dont cry, i thought that i was strong enough.. but..” ”Please dont say it, i.. dont have the power to say it.” She looked at me, she was proud of me. ”I just cant say goodbye mum, i’m not ready.” You broke down in tears. ”Hey, it’s gonna be okay honey i promise.” She looked at me with that smile. Oh that smile, was everything.

You’ve been with your mum, since the day you came back to London. Your granny was still there. Like she never left. It’s been 3 days and she’s getting weaker. And you haven’t sleept since. Because you were afraid that if you closed your eyes… she would be gone when you woke up! ”Granny, i want to make her something. So i’m just going to be away 10min.” Your Granny sent you away, and you came back with memories. The day you first walked, and you sat all day wathing old videos of you her and dad. This made you happy, but also sad. ”Mum?” your voice craked. ”Yes Honey.” ”When it’s time… Will you say ’Hi’ to dad?” Your eyes were almost in tears, but you had to fight! Do it for her. ”I would do anything for you sweety.” She had the smile on her face. The doctor came in and wanted to talk to you. So you went outside of the room. ”How is it?” you asked. ”It’s getting worse.” How long?” your voice got weak when you said that. ”2 or 3 more days.” You looked down, and tears came in your eyes… no more tears! ”I’m so sorry, i wish we could help. Is there anything we can do for you?” Shea sked nicely. It gave you an idea. ”I want to take her somewhere speciel, can i do that?” i asked. ”I’ll see what we can do.” she said with a smile, and walked away. I looked in to the window, and my mums smile was still there.. She might be ready to go. But i’m not ready to let go.

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