Love Story

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When you closed the door, you remembered that Harry has to leave for his tour. So you ran back in to the house, went up stairs packed as quick as you could some clothes, you took your plane ticket. And went out tou your car. Lets hope there wasn't any traffic. Oh sweet lord there wasn't. You quickly drove over to the airport, and went to check in. "The flight to USA Will be aporting in 10min." You ran ask quick as you could. You finally reached the plane, but you couldn't find Harry, so you just waited for it to land. *9hours later* You finally reach USA. And the first thing you did was look after Harry, you got your cases..

You turned around, and heard screaming girls shouting "One Direction, One Direction" You were close.. When you came out of the doors, you saw him. You could tell he still was breaking, the fake smile, and his eyes.. You stud there waiting for him to notice you. After 5min. He just looked around, and spotted you.. He smiled. "HARRY!" You shoutede, as tears came down your face.. You began runing over to him. You reached Harry and he gav you the biggest hug ever, he spun you around. "Harry i'm..." He cut you of with a kiss. He pulled away after 5min. "Look guys" Louis said. You were looking in to Harry's eyes now. "What are you doing here babe? he said. "I didn't want to let go, i'm still in love with you Styles." He looked in your eyes, and your lips meet one more time. "I see you got my present babe." you could tell that he was happy, his smile meltede your heart to the growned! You gav him a little kiss on the lips. "Well, you got my heart so dont break it again" you said while smiling. "i promise on our wedding day sweetheart." He said cheeky. "Wedding day?" You thought to yourself. Anyways he took your hand, and you left the airport, happy together!

When you reached the hotel, Harry got out of the car as quick as possible.. He really did want to change, just for you! He opened the door for you. And was still smiling. "Harry help me with the bags." Paul said. You went in to the hotel with Liam and Zayn.. You got your roomkey.. When you intered the room.. Wow! you droped your jaw. The view was amazing!

Someone came behind you, and wraped there arms around your waist. "Look at this, were back together" Harry said. You smiled, all the pain was gone. This is were you belonged, now were else. Let this last forever.

You were still standing like that for a good 15min. "I've dreamed about this, my hole life (y/n)" Harry said. "Right now it's coming true Harry." You turned around so you were facing him. Slowly you kissed his lips. Then you pulled back. "My dream is right in front of me baby." he said while having a big smile on his face. You want to remember this moment forever! This is what you need, everything is back to normal. You put your head closer to his ear and then you whispered. "Harry, i'm so sorry. i..... love you" A tear came down your cheek. "Hey babe, dont be it was all my fault.. I was an idiot. i love you too baby" he pulled you in to a hug, you could fell his heartbeat in your ear. It was getting faster and faster. Oh shiit, you remembered the cuts on your wrist. Oh no.. Forget it! Just forget it! Right now you just want everything to be back to normal.

"Harrehhh-y!" Niall shoutede. "What is it Niall." He shoutede back. "Were getting some food, do you guys want some?" He screamed. "No thank you Niall." This made you laugh. "What are you laughing about missy. huh?" he said while smiling. You just couldn't take it serious.

"Nothing babe, hahaha it's nothing." you replied back to him.

It was about 21.00 and it was getting late, plus you were getting tired. Harry was already in bed, cause he had an interview in the morning. You went to bed, and Harry came and cuddle with you.. The warm part of his body right on your skin.. Umm.. He had his strong arms around your waist. Then he whispered. "I wish we could stay like this, forever babe." while kissing your neck. You turned around, and your facecs was centimertes away from each other. "That day will come Styles." you whispered and smiled. He kissed you, and it got more passiontly.. You could fell that he was smilling, so were you! His other hand was around your waist, and he pulled you closer.. You could fell his abs.. Oh jesus! He went on top of you, not breaking the kiss. You wanted to tease him by, trying to break the kiss.

You turned so you were on top of him. "" you said inbetween the kiss. He pulled back gave you one more kiss, and you were asleep in no time.

*The next morning*

It was about 7.00 am. And the boys had to leave for there interview.. Harry gave you a sweet kiss on the lips, and said. "I love you babe, sweet dreams." then he kissed your forehead and was off.

*At the interview*You turned on to see the interview of the boys.

Interviewer: So Harry, you and (y/n) is back together.. huh?

Harry: YES! And it's going great.

Interviewer: We have a picture here, with you and her.. And lets face it! It's a lovely picture.

It was a picture of you and him on holidays.. A big smile came on your face, this was so worth watching.

Harry: I love that picture, i'm sure that my princess is watching this now.

Interviewer: Does she get any hate, like she did before Harry?

Harry looked down, when he looked up.. His face was sad. 

Harry looked at the interviewer one more time before speaking.

Well, she is getting hate but i just dont understand. What she has done, she makes me happy and all that stuff. But why? Why cant they be happy, when i’m happy?”  He looked down like if he was going to cry.

”That was all for today, we’ll se you guys tomorow.” The interview was now over. You grabede your phone to check your twitter. Harry always said dont do it! The more you read stuff, the more you got hurt.

You put the phone down, and went to get the picture. The picture that always made you smile, not just on the outside.. But also on the inside.

You always had the picture with you, were ever you where. It wa your lucky charm. You got in your bag, found your purse.. And smiled. It was a picture of the first time you and your dad had together. The very first time he held his little baby girl. What a beautiful moment.. Happy tears came down your face, and the smile got bigger. Every thing around you was like it was gone, the only thing you had.. was your dad. Some how you knew, that the angel of your heart. Was your father. Even do you are dating a pop star, then atleast you made him believe in real love. And that’s all that matters, just like your dad told you when you were younger. ”You cant find love.. Love will find you”  Those words went in your head, over and over again. Love was real, you just have to find the right one.

Harry came back from the interview, and he was silent. ”Babe.. are you okay, you seem, a bit upset.” you said sweet. ”No i’m fine, it’s just… i hate seeing you hurt.” He said in a small and weak voice. ”Harry, dont think about them, think about us.” You said with a big smile on your face.

He looked up, and kissed your lips softly. ”You just now how, to make my heart race babe..”  He teased you.

The both of you cuddle in bed, while wating TV. ”I want to make something up to you sweetheart” Harry said while standing up. ”Why Harry, you already have done enough for me. What more would you do!”  You said with a grin on your face. ”I haven’t done enough baby..”

Harry was already gone,  you ran up to the door to see how fare hes gone. Well he was already gone. You just sat on the bed, and dozed of slowly. Half an hour later your phone was buzzing. *Buzz Buzz*  ”Meet me at the beach at 19.00 – Harry. X” A smile came on your face, what was that boy up to? You got another text from Harry. ”Btw babe… Look in the wardrobe. Xx” You went over to the wardrobe to find, a beautiful long blue dress, it was beautiful! Wow you couldn’t take your eyes away. It was getting time to get ready, so you’ve done your hair, time for the dress. It fits perfectly, maybe some day you’ll be wearing a white dress. Back to the love.  You moved over to the mirror, to see if you looked okay.. It was more then okay. It was…. Words i cant put in!

Imagine Harry’s face, when he see’s you. Paul walked in on you, while you still were standing there. ”Harry is a lucky bastard.” He said smiling. You gave Paul a hug, and he took you down to the beach. ”I think you should close your eyes (Y/N)” You closed your eyes, before Paul let go of you, you were now in Harry’s arms. ”Open your eyes sweetheart.” Harry said charming. You opened your eyes, and saw dinner for two.. A blanket, and some food.  You were speechless, unbelieveble! He did this, for you! You didn’t say anything, he pressed his soft lips on yours. It was magic, this was meant to be! ”Harry, this is…. I’m speechless.” You said smiling. He took you over to the blanket, and you sat there like it was some kind of movie.

Paul’s pov.

The boys and i were standing, and looking at them. She is lucky to have him, They look so happy together.. I looked over at Louis, and he had happy tears in his eyes. ”Louis are you crying?” i asked. ”No, i got sand in my eyes.”  He said while wipeing the tears away. ”Let them live happy together, and be together forever.” Zayn said, with does sweet words. I thought to myself for a minute. ”That girl is like a daugther to me, and look how happy she is. Harry better keep a hold on thi sone, cause the perfect word for her, is angel.”  I was about to cry, when i heard (Y/N) Phone.

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