Love Story

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7. Kapitel 7.

You looked up at your phone, Harry was still calling you. He called you one more time, so you picked up. "Hello" you said. "Thank god, you picked up." He was still crying. and it made you cry even more. "Can i come over?" He asked. you thought to yourself was it a good idea. "I.. cant do it right now Harry. Give me sometime." you said crying in to the phone. "You need me, i can hear it!" He repyled back. "Look Harry, i dont need you right now. I cant look you in the eyes." You cryed even more. "But.." before you could hear more, you hung op the phone. Right now you just wanted to be with yourself. Twitter was field with the gossip about Harry and the girl. Just to make it easy for yourself, you deleted your twitter. I'm going to start over wih my life.. You need to get out of here, some were you fell home. i know, your fathers old house, i bet it still was there! You wanted to leave as soon as you could, but weren't going away forever. You just wanted to start a new life. So you wrote a letter to Harry.

"Dear Harry.

You might not find me, but i'm not gone.. I just need to stay away from you for a bit. I just fell every time i'm with you, that i bring you bad luck. So i decided to leave. Dont come and find me.. I still love you, and care about you.. I just cant do it anymore, the thing is that i dont think your gonna change. You still mean the world to me, so dont go and kill yourself. It is going to be hard for me, but it's going to be harder for you.. I really am sorry i found my prince, but i had to let him go.. He needs to find the right girl! I know you will Harry.. Keep shining and i'll keep smilling. I love you baby..

- (Y/N) xx."When you out the letter down, your tears came rolling down. Was this the right dission.

You put all your memories in the letter. When you were done, you out it on the table for him to find it..

You got in the car, and drove as fare as you could.

You didn't know where you were, but you had to drive away! Even do you love Harry, you cant forget what he did. And why did he... You know the part, were he lies to you, and keep breaking your heart? Well thats how life is.. Nothing can be perfect, Some people have a great love life, and some.. You dont even know were they are! Your phone has been calling, like nobodys busyness.. How was your furture looking? Good or Bad? Well right now it was looking like sh*t..

Harry's pov.

My eyes were runing in tears, i have to find her.. Where is Louis? "Louis!!!" i shoutede after him. "Harry!!!?" I could hear him shout! It was completly dark, i couldn't see a thing.

I reach Louis, and he hugged me.. I cried in his shoulder.. I just couldn't do it, she was gone.. for no good! "Louis i need to find her!" "Harry, if shes gone, shes gone.. Just let her go" I had a moment for myself. "No Louis, dont ever say that" I pullede out of his arms, and looked him in the eyes. "Are you going to spend the rest of your life, going after her? or find someone else. I'm just helping you" He said with a weak voice. "She is the one Louis, i would die for her" I said "You cant do this to your self Harry" He tried to find my eyes.. But i just looked down. I let go of him, and just walked away. "Harry! Where are you going?" he shoutede. "I'm going to find my life!" I shoutede back at him. I went in to the car, and put the GPS on. Just in casy i dont know were i am. I called her, every 5mins. I need to talk to her.

(Your-name)'s pov.

*Klick Klick* The phone was ringing again. It was still Harry calling.. I picked it up the phone. "Hello Harry?" "Oh my god, before you hang up or anyhing. I need to talk to you, Please dont hang up!" "What is it Harry" you said with a sad voice. "You are my world. If you didn't mean anything to me. Then i wouldn't come find you.. I saw the letter, and i broke down. I need you.. I just..." He began to cry, "I want to see your smile when i wake up in the morning. And when i'm with you. I fell like Harry Styles.. Not Harry from One Direction.. When i go on stage, i always want you backstage to wish me god luck. And now, all thats happend to us! It's just getting stronger! You need to hold on, and you now that i'm always there to catch you.." He cryed even more.. "Harry, i fell one time.. But you didn't catch me, and right now... I'm just to weak.. I cant do it anymore." You didn't say more, you hung up.. and broke down. You had your head on the wheel.. Why?

You started talking to yourself. "Why did i let go. I need him." You got up, and went in to the bathroom. You found a raserblad. And you cut your wrist. "It hurts, but i have to take the pain in me. I cant live with myself!" Tears came down your face, and the blood was runing down you arm. You didn't do anything, you just looked at it.. And let it run.

You went over to sit by the corner, slowly yo slided down. You wouldn't stop crying. Well ofcourse the boy you love. Is now gone, and you didn't have the power to go.. Right now, you wanted your heart to stop.. You heard you phone beeping. *Beep Beep* It was Louis.

Why was Louis texting you at 04:00 in the morning? You opened the text. "(Y/N) You have to come, Harry is killing him self.. He cant..." There wasn't more to see. So you closed the text. Put the phone down, and went back to bathroom. After 10min. you cleaned the blood of your wrist.. The pain was still there, but you let it out! You went back to bed. After a good 3hours cry.. You were getting tired.

*The next morning*You woke up with pain, lots of it! Some blood was on your shirt, so you went in and changed to some new clothes. You put on a long sleved black, and some dark blue thight jeans. You went down stairs to find you mum, with a present. "Oh goodmorning honey, Ehm.... Louis left this for you." She put it on the table, and then left. You just stod there 5min. and looked at the present. You slowly walked over to it, and opened it! You found some pictures and a note from Harry. "Dear (Y/N) i know we have had our fights, and some ended with love... and some... Well i haven't seen you in days, and i'm breaking apart. My baby girl is in so much pain, and i just want to hold you in my arms. Like we always did, i've been an asshole.. and you know that! From now on i'll leave you alone, i wont call or text. But i will still love you with my heart. Even if i'm gone please dont forget our time together. Cause i wont... I might still be in love with you, but i just never want to let go of you. You showed me real love, i know i cant find that because i had to let go of her. but atleaset we have memories together! I will love you forever,tomorow, and for the rest of my life. Harry. xx" You looked at it with tears in your eyes.. You picturede all your memories in your head, one more time! Then before you know it you stormed out of the door.

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