Love Story

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"And..... i've been looking for someone like you, my hole life! I'm not just going to let you go.. i've dreamed about you every single night! You've touch my heart, i use love with my eyes, and not my heart!" He looked at the flower, and he picked it up.. Gave it to you and said. "Forver mine... Forever yours... Forever ours.." you were touch.. for the first time in days.. He touch the bottom of your heart! "Kiss me" you whispered. He looked up to meet your eyes, he smiled and kissed you.The kiss lastet 5min. His heartbeat was getting faster.. Was this true love? it began to rain... But Harry didn't let go of you!

"I have dreamed about this every day.." He said wth a smile on his face.

"I've waitede for my prince my hole life, and i found him!" your smile was getting big.Harry kissed you one last time, and you went to his flat.

The boys was already there. "HELLO!" Louis shoutede.. It was good to be back. Harry pulled you in to the bedroom. "I have something to give you babe, he went down under the bed, to get a black box.. It was the something you never even saw before.. He opened the box, and you saw the most beautiful thing ever!

"It belonged to my mum.. So it's really speciel to me." He took out a little diamond ring.. "I want you to be my furture.. Dont worry i'm not proposeing.. yet" A little tear came down your cheek, and Harry wiped it away with his thumb.

"I dont now what to say Harry.. i cant take it" you gav it back to him. "You have to.." He ran infront of you, so you wouldn't leave. "I love you too much.. My mum told me, giv this ring to the one you want to spend the rest of your life with."

You looked up to meet his eyes, he was about to cry, when he gave you a surprised kiss on your lips! He liftet you up, and down on the bed.. He keept kissing you, and kissed your neck.. you pulled back, and Harry looked at you. "I just.... dont want it to happen again Harry, remember what happen last time you gave me something?" "I just wanted to make you fell speciel!" "All i wanted is to be loved.. by your heart Harry! I dont need all of this.. You make me speicel by giving me love.. REAL LOVE!" He looked down, he left the room for ar bit.. and you just sat on the bed.. Like no one was in the appartment.After 20.min he cam back.. He came back with 12 roses.. 11 real, and 1 fake.. He gave them to you. "I will love you until the last rose dies!" You looked up at him, and looked deep in to his eyes.. You saw someones furture in there..

It was you and Harry playing with your little baby girl..

You snapet out of it for a moment, you were back in real life. "Babe, are you okay?" "I'm good" You smiled as much as you could.. Then you replied back to what he said. "I will love you, until my heart stops beating.." The tears came down your face, but it was happy tears.. He got the ring, and put it on your finger.

The boys left the appartment, so it was just you and Harry. You had a food fight, with some flower! And it was every were, your hole face was covered in flower.. Harry fliped his hair, and the flower just came out of his hair.. "Lets take a shower babe" he smiled cheeke. "Haha in your dreams Styles." He went to catch you, but you ran away, he finally reach you.. he liftet you up.. and toke you in to the shower.. He turned it on, and you were already getting wet! "Harry, it's so cold" You laugh. He pressed his hot and warm body against yours.. He kissed your neck, and went up to your lips.. He holded your arms.. You were now complitly wet, your clothes, and hair. "I love the way you do that" "Do what?" you smiled. "Make me fell like the luckiest boy in the world!" He smiled while kissing your lips again.

you got out of the shower, and went in to put some dry clothes on! You took Harry's hoddie on, and your PJ pants on. The only thing you had underneth was a BH.

You went in to the livingroom, and watched some TV.

Harry turned it on to Gossip stuf.."Breaking Gossip.. One Direction is going on tour for 8months.. Will there girlfriends come with them, lets hope not" 8 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!You looked over at Harry, he didn't look at you. "8 months Harry?" "I now, they said 5 first, but changed it to 8.. And i said to them, that you have to come.........." He holded back for a bit.. "So will you come with me on tour?" He said smilling."Me, on tour.. with you.. Oh my, really? YES!!" You kissed his lips passiontly, and he laid you down on the couch and keept kissing you.."If i could shout to the hole world that i love you... I would whisper in your ear." He said. 

It was getting late so you went to bed, "Goodnight babe." you said to Harry. "Goodnight love" He replyed. You walked in to the bedroom, and looked at the ring. It was so beautiful, to think that Harry gave that to you! I mean he has been, with so many girls. And no... He found the perfect girl, yes 'perfect'. We know that you have your fights and then you fall in love again. Like you mum always said, only true love never dies.. It made you smile, the felling in your heart was amazing, nobody could make you fells something, like Harry did. But all that happen in the past, you wanted to do that again. And forget all of this! But it was still on your mind. You turned the light of, and went to go asleep.. Half an hour later, two strong arms was raped around your waist. You fell save there, and just want to stay like this forever..

*The next morning*

Harry was still asleep, so you wanted to make him a surprise.. You went to put some clothes on, and make him some breakfast. You were almost done, when someone kissed your neck. "Goodmorning babe.." He said in his sexy morning voice. "Well goodmorning Styles" You laugh. "What's so funny? Huh?" He said smilling at you. "Nothing really." The pancakes were done, so you put them on the table, but Harry wanted to know what was so funny. "Babe.. tell me, come on" You teased him, by walking away from him. He grabed you and spun you around. You just laugh, and so did he. "Will you tell me know?" He smiled cheeky. "Do you want something else then?" You asked with a smile on your face. "That depends on what it is!" He smiled. "Hmm... mabye a kiss, would do?" you teased him. "Done!" He moved closer, and you pressed your lips against his.

"Can we eat now?" You asked. "I'm not done." He kissed you again. The felling went throw your hole body, it was..... oh god. It was love.

He pulled back, and you went over to eat some breakfast. "So only 4 days until were going to America babe." "I know, i cant wait." You smiled. "But you now, we dont have so much '(Your-name) and Harry time." He looked sad. "Yeah, but were going to have fun." you smiled at him, every time you smiled he smiled.

After your breakfast, Harry went to go put some clothes on. "Babe.." he called after you. "Yes!" "Come here" he shoutede, you walked in to the bedroom. "What is it?" you asked. "I'm going to hangout with the boys today, so Eleanor and Danielle are going to the mall. Would you go with them?" He asked, while holding the phone in his hand. "Yeah no problem." you replyed back.

Harry dropped you of at the mall. He gave you a kiss goodbye, and drove away. You called Danielle, to hear were they where. "Hey Dan, where are you guys?" "Just at starbuck, we are wathing for you" You walked over to starbuck, and gave them a hug. "Nice to see you again." Eleanor said. "GIRLS DAY OUT!" Danielle shoutede. you just lauged. After the day, you wanted to go surprise the boys. "Surprise you walked in and shoutede, at the same time! "Where is Harry" you asked. "He is outside" Zayn said. You walked outside, looking for him. You found him by the three talking to some person, you looked a bit closer. Is that?

Is that? Wait it cant be.. What is she doing here! Did Harry invite her, or did she follow him around. She kissed him. They were kissing each other. How could he do this to you. He pulled away from her, and you went behind a three. "Just leave me alone!" He said shouting. "I love you Harry, i know you dont like her! She isn't good for you." She said shouting. "Go away! just leave me alone.. I dont want you in my life. Please just go away" He walked away from her. She walked after him, trying to get his attention. You were still standing there in chok. After a while you walked in to the room, to find Harry on his phone. He lookes up and saw you, with almost tears in your eyes. You turned around, so you could hide them. "Heey babe.. Is there something wrong?" He looked sad, but wanted to make you smile. "No, i'm fine." You replyed. "Your lying, i can tell!" He said. You holded back a moment, then walked out of the room..

"Babe.." He ran after you. You turned around, look him in the eyes and kissed him. You pulled back, to see the tears in his eyes roll down his cheek.

"What are you doing babe.." He asked in a weak voice. "I gav you one last kiss Harry." You looked down, took the ring of.. Took his hand gav him the ring.. And left...

He looked down and tears came down his face.. He ran as quick as he could after you.

"What have i done.. are you leaving me?" He asked looking at your face.

"Are you still seeing her?" you asked looking in to his eyes. "What?" He said confusing.

"I said are you still seeing her?" you asked twice. He looked down on the growned. "That's what i thought" and then you walked away. He grabbed your hand and looked in your eyes.

"She came after me.. I didn't even expect her to find me here! babe.. please say you believe me?" "I dont think i can anymore Harry, i'm sorry i have to go now." You returned home, and broke down on the floor.. guess it wasn't meant to be.

- When your heart hurts, it dosn't mean that it's broken.. It means that your in love.

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