Love Story

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I really wanted to help him, but if she is gone.... she's gone. "Louis, let go of me!" He said in a violent voice. So i had to do the right thing and let him go! If he cares about her, then let him.. I know she is my bestfriend and that but... It's hard enought for me to see them apart!

(Your-names) pov.s

You finish your breakfast, and went up to your room again.. "(Your-name) I'm going to work now, so if you need anything.. just call me" Your mother shoutede from downstairs.

"Okay, i'll be fine dont worry, love you!" Then she left.

The house was quite, a bit to quite.. You were felling lonely, and you missed Harry.. But you had to move on, so you went in to your bed and fell asleep.Harry.s pov

I need to find her, where is she, i toke Louis car, because my car was.. you know the story.

i jumped in the car, there was a lot of pain in my body, but the most was my heart! She left me our memories, and the ring i gav her.. I cant let her go, and why did she go in the first?All i wanted to do was find her, if i lose her i lose my hole life. No more Harry in One Direction.. Just Harry. I tried every place we have been, even my own appartment.. and even her own! The last place i could find her, was at her mum's. Wait a second, i think i now were she is! I got back in the car, and drove over to her mums place.. But i was a bit afraid to go she her, will she take me back? i just hope she will understand my pain.. I left the hospital with pain, and my heart was breaking, when she wasn't there anymore..

I walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.(Your-name's) pov.

*DIng Dong*I bet mum forgot her keys, haha.. Well i went down to open the door, when the last thing i ever wanted to see was Harry, he came all the way from the hospital, just to go see you!You could see that he was in pain, and you didn't want to close the door.

"Harry what are you doing here?" "I came to find my princess, like she said." He said with some pain, and a little smile on his face.You toke his hand, and he leaned you against the wall to kiss you. 

He kissed you passiontly and hard, when he pulled back. He wasn't in the best form. "Harry you need to go back to the hospital" "I dont want to leave you, your my life.. If im going back, then you have to come with me! and if your staying, just let me die." "Harry i wont let you die, i still love you" he looked down, for a bit but looked in your eyes. "Will you come with me then?" "I will." you smiled to him just to make him fell better. You sat in the car, and you were driving. "Why did you leave me babe?" he asked with a small voice. "I cant talk about it now Harry" you said with a sad voice.Before he could ask you why, you arived at the hospital. You help him out of the car, and brought him back up to his room.

"Where in the name of heaven have you been?" The boys came runing against you. "He came after me." You said while looking at Harry. "I let him go!" Louis shoutede from the end of the hall. "I had to do it." Harry looked over at Louis, and smiled."You are crayz Styles" Liam said. "Well it's good to have you back, but you need to relax." Zayn said. "He is right Harry, you need to go lie down." "Will you come with me, i want to be in your arms" You nodded, and you went in to the room.10min. later Harry asked you something. "So why did you leave me baby?" he asked again.

"Louis told me, about you and that girl.. so i had to do the right thing and leave." You looked over at the otherside.. "Oh he did?" "Yes, why didn't you just tell me Harry, if you had told me, i wouldn't have left." He didn't answer for a minute. "We got back together, and i just couldn't live without you anymore.. So i keept it to myself." He looked down, but meet you eyes. He moved closer to you, and so he kissed you lightly on the lips.. But he continued.. You tryed to pull back, but your heart wouldn't let you! "I love you (Your-name) and i would die for you.." you didn't answer back.*The next morning*You must have falling asleep at the hospital, Harry was still asleep, so you quitely got out of the bed, and kissed his forehead..

"I love you to babe.." you said.Then the bicth walked in..

You looked over at the witch, what the fuuuck is she doing here? The girl sented you an evil look, you looked over at Harry with tears in your eyes, and ran as quick as could out of the room. "Wait come!" Harry shouted. You didn't listen you just ran away. You reach the elevator and then you thought that Harry came after you, but you didn't care.. You just wanted to get out of here! You came outside and it was raining. You stoped, and looked up at the sky. Why are you doing this to me? You looked down, and your tears were going away because of the rain.

You walked home, but toke your time.. You could hear someone shout your name, you turned around and saw Harry going as quick as he could! He just couldn't get to you.. He was to ill. Then he fell down on the grown, what were you gonna do? Leave him there, or just walk away? "HARRY! are you alright?" you shoutede.. "NO! I need you, i cant breath without you. Princess come back!" He shouted, you had to go help him up. So you ran over to him, and he fell in your arms. "I didn't now that she came back, i told her to go away!" he whispered. Was this one of his tricks? or was it for real. You looked up in his eyes, and could see the fear of loseing you.. was weak...

"I... dont now what to say Harry" Said while looking down. He didn't say anything.. He just kissed your lips.

Would you walk away, or get loved by someone who cares about you?The pain went trough your heart, and it was getting stronger! You pulled back. "I dont think i can believe you Harry" your tears went down your cheek. "I promise babe... dont do this to me!" "You promise to much Harry, look what you did to me? Do you think i look fine, i'm breaking apart.. My heart is a blackhole right now! I just dont think it's you and me" You left go of Harry, and turned around.. The slowly walked away without even looking back! "(Your-name)!!! Come Back!" he shoutede, you looked one more time.. and he went down on his knees.. and prayed to god! "I love you Harry!" you shoutede back to him, then turned around and walked away.

Your hole body was about to break apart! Nothing was going right... you just left the boy every girl would dream of! But he wasn't just a boy... He was an angel! Even do you love him, you have to let him go! You looked up at the sky, and it looked just like your heart! Black and cold.. Tears came down your face. The pain had taken over your body. It was like someone put a knife in your heart, a really big knife! You arived at your house, and went in side.. "(Your-name) is that you?" It was your mum. "Yes it's me" She came out to you. "Where have you been all night? I tried to call you, but you didn't answer!" she was worried to death, that if something happend to you! "I was at the hospital" you said. "Oh.. How is he then?" "He woke up." You smiled with a fake smile.. trying to look happy.. But guess it didn't work.. You got up stairs, and put some dry clothes on.. Then went downstairs, to tell your mum.. That you needed to take a walk by yourself. You walked out of the door, and just.... had you moments for yourself.

You walked by the park, oh god not the park! It's were it all happend.. I mean was it a curse or what? You stomach was getting sick, when you walked past it.. You saw someone, you just couldn't see who! Harry? is that Harry? If it is, then he should be at the hospital! What is he doing there!?He got down on his knees, and had a flower in his hand.. And a little note.  You went to hide behind a three.. and then he left.. You walked over to see the note, it said. "Once i loved this girl, she made me smile! And now shes gone... i beg you, help me find her.. Harry.xx" Was it you he was talking about? Your heart was gone right now.. You toke the note closer to your heart.. you still loved that boy, but what could you do? He keept lying to you, but was it to protect you, or breaking you inside?

You turned around, and saw him looking at you.. with tears in his eyes. "How did you know i was here?" he asked. "I didn't.. i saw you and.." He ran up to you and kissed you.. his tears came down his face. It was YOU! He didn't let go of you.. he was to happy to see that you found it!He looked in your eyes, and you could see his tears.. it was hurting you.. His tears was like a waterfall right now, he didn't stop crying.He finally let go of you.You didn't now what to do.. so you just stud up. And looked at him one more time."Harry, i have to leave now.." You said while looking down.. "Dont..." his voice cracked..

"I'm sorry Harry." You gave him one last kiss and walked away, but he grabbed your arm.. and went down on his knees.. He keept begging you to stay! He just didn't let go of you!His eyes were getting red, and all you did was stare.. Then he tould you something. "If you leave me, i'm going after you! If you die, i die.. I just cant let you go! Not now.. Your my star.. every heartbeat is for you! And..."

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