Love Story

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*Home in England*

The first thing you did was call Louis saying you were in England.*Calling Louis* "Hello Louis, can you come pick me up at the airport?" "I'm on my way love." He said quick and hung up the phone.You waited 20min. and he came.. All he wanted to to was cry in your shoulder!"Can we go see Harry now?" You were still crying. "Are you ready to do it?" "I need to see him.. You got out to the car, and drove to the hospital. Louis stopped, and said you should go in there by yourself! As soon as you walked in, you saw him.. Lying on the bed. You went to sit beside him, and you hold his hand. Louis said that he could hear you, if you talked to him.. Then he left."I'm here now Harry... I....I.." You were broken apart.. the boy you loved was in the hospital.. getting ready to die... maybe

Dont think of that.. Just pray... pray to god that he is gonna be okay..You wouldn't stop crying! The pain was to much, you stayed at the hospital until Harry woke up! So the first thing he saw, when he woke up was you.. It was getting late.. But you didn't want to fall asleep.. you were afraid, that if you closed your eyes.. then he would be gone! Think of his family, do they even now that he's here? You started praying to god, that everything would be okay.. "Dear God. you took away somebody i loved! Please don't do it again, i just want him to be okay.. He is to young to die.. I came back for him because i love him! just please help him..." Your tears were back, you keept on looking at Harry.. The thought that he would die for you! Was making you sick.. You should never have left.. this is all your fault.. You sat up, to giv him a kiss on his forehead, when you felt something in his pocket! He still had it, the ring he gave you! You tock it out.. and put it on your finger.. "Forever mine" "I am forever yours Harry" It was morning already, and you didn't close your eyes for even one second! Louis came in.. "Heey, you okay love?" "Yeah, im fine.." He came over to giv you a hug.. "It's gonna be okay, he is a strong boy!" "Maybe not that strong anymore" "What are you saying" He said with a serious look on his face. "I broke his heart, and maybe he just dos'ent have the power to come back!" More tears were runing down you face.. "Don't say that, he is just in koma.. and if he loves you.. he will come back. But i now that he is strong enough to hold on. He can hear that your with him! And that's all he wants." I can't thank you enough Louis, you speak from the heart!" You guys were talking about the day, You and Harry first meet. 1hour later. "Look Anne is coming, so i'm just going over to Harrys flat for a moment, and you should come.. just leave her alone with her son" "That would be good for me, i need to get out of here.. really" "Lets go then" Before you left, you gave Harry a kiss on the cheek. "I love you babe.." And then left with Louis.

You arived at the appartement, it was so quite.. And a bit cold! The first thing you did was, to go in to the bedroom.. Harry was right this is your home! you flashed something on the ground, a little black box.. you opened it! and you and Harrys memories was in there.. all the pictures of you together! Right now you just wanted to see his beautiful smile.. Wait... you saw a black jewelery box, you opened it! And saw the most beautiful bracelet you've ever seen.. It had a heart, and a key on it.. Wait there was more.. "Dear (Your-name) i've always wanted to giv you this.. but didn't have the time.. There is a heart and a key.. it means that you have the key to my heart! I love you baby.. Your Harry. xx" Happy tears came down your cheek, then Louis walked in. "Noo.. you shouldn't have seen that!" He said running over to you. "He really loves me huh?" You asked Louis with a smile on your face. "Your everything he talks about, when were out shopping.. he do's the same thing always. 'I have to get my girlfriend something because i love her!' And first time he saw you.. he knew that you were his long waited wife!" "Wait.. did you say wife?" "Yeah, he wants you to be his wife, and have a family together!" You almost gave Harry up! Finally it made sence! He is the one! The two of you were in the appartment for a while.. when Louis got a phone call.. It was from Anne! "Louis... Harry is not doing so well." She said crying."Should i come?" He almost cryed. "Bring (You-name) i think, Harry wants her.. by his side." "Were on our way!" and then he hung up! "What's wrong?" "We have to get back to the hospital!" Louis grabbed your arm, and you went down to the car."Louis, what is going on?" your voice began to crack. "Harry... he isn't felling that well" Tears came down his face.. "Is he..?" "Noo.. please i really dont want to talk about it" You could fell Louis pain.. And your pain was getting worse then before.. You remembered that you brought a picture of you and Harry together.. When the picture was taking, was when he asked you to be his girlfriend.. And it was the first picture you took together..You reach the hospital, and ran to were Harry was.. He has still not woken up! but, he had moved a bit! You sat down on the chair and began talking to him. "It's okay Harry, i'm here now.. and i'm not leaving!" You couldn't stop crying.. if Harry was going away.. so were you! Because when you love someone that much, and what they have done for you! Then sometimes you have to go with them.

Harry has been in the hospital for now a week, and he has still not woken up! You were getting worried! But you trusted him.. he has to wake up.. like Louis said.. "If he loves you, he will wake up" Those words were in your head all day.. The boys walked in. "Hey (Your-name) you okay, we can see you need to sleep" Niall said with his cure irish accent. "I'm fine, i just dont want him to go, not now.. i want to be away when he wakes up!" You sounded tired.. "Look, the best ting would be is if he woke up! Love you need to sleep.. go home and relax." Zayn sounded worried too. "I know you want to look after me, i love him to much, to let go of him" You looked down on the floor.."Then sleep here babe" Liam said. There was an extra bed, so you jumped in to the bed.. and got some sleep. You woke up to the sound of a sweet voice calling your name.."(Your-name) Is that you over there?" He said. It was Harry, he woke up finally! You stud up, and walked over to him with tears in your eyes. "Dont cry babe, it's gonna be okay" "I'm so sorry Harry, this is all my fault! I should have never left! I love you" "Babe... what are you talking about?" "The day we sleept together, was the day i was going back home.. I just couldn't deal with what happend between me and you! And then we got back together! I just..." you were about to break down. "Kiss me!" Harry said.. You looked up and saw a smile on his face. "What..." "Kiss me!!" he said again!You went up to kiss him, and you could fell a smile between the kiss. Harry looked at your finger and saw that you had the ring on again! He looked up at you.. and smiled. "The ring! it's on your finger again" He said surprised.. "Like you said Styles.. 'Forever mine... Forever yours... Forever ours.." You guys were talking all day, when Harry's heartbeat got lower.. you called the doctor, but he didn't show up. Something happend. But what happend?!

Finally a doctor came and took Harry away.. They got him to the operation room, and you had to wait outside. After a few minuts, the doctor came out.. "He is gonna survive dont worry, he only had a quick heart attack" Thank god he is going to be okay.. I thought it was gonna be the last time i ever saw my lovely Styles. The boys came in the room, and saw you with happy years in your eyes. "What happend?" Lou asked. "He is gonna survive, he only had a heart attack.  He is going to be fine, dont worry boys." You said with a smile on your face. "Well thats good news love!" Louis said. Harry came out of the room, but he wasn't awake, they must have put him back in koma.. mabye? You went in the room by your self, and had a moment with Harry.. He almost died, what would happen if he did? All you wanted to think of was that he is still alive.You went back to Harry's flat, just you and only you! When you got in the car, some off you said dont leave, because if he goes away, or if he wakes up! Lets just hope that he will be okay, you sended some thoughts to him saying. "Dont go yet, i'm still here" "I love you"You turned on the car, and drove away.. You arived at the flat, some tears came down your cheek.. but you were strong enough to hold them back..*Harry's flat* you walked in, and stud there for one moment.. All of the memories came by your head.. All you could was smile and cry.. The part of this flat is that, some memories are good and some are bad! And the bad ones only made you stronger! But the good ones made you more weak.. You couldn't hold it back anymore.. you fell on your knees, Then someone touch your shoulder! It was Louis. "What are you doing here?" "I came after you" he said.. "I can look after myself" you said while standing up. "Look your getting weaker, and i know soon it will be your heart!" "My heart? nothing is wrong with my heart" You walked away from Louis, and in to the bedroom.."Lou, go back to Harry, he needs you" you voice was getting weak. "If i'm going so are you" "No Louis, i just need time for myself.. I'm to weak to go see Harry." tears came down your face, and Louis came up to you. "You have to be strong, i know you can do it!" He was right you had to be strong, dont let the memories get you, think posetive not negative! He toke your hand, and you went down to the car. You could see the hospital from here now.. Louis was actting werid.. Then he told you something. "(Your-name) I'm really sorry, i hope you can forgive me and Harry." He looked down. "What are you talking about Lou?" He pointed over by the door.

"What is she doing here Louis?" "I couldn't take it anymore! I had to do it, your my bestfriend i can keep a secret from you!" Tears came down his face, "What secret?" You asked and tears slowly came down your face.. "Louis what is going on?" He didn't answer, then you asked again. "Louis! What is going on!?" "Harry is still seeing the girl, and when you broke up! He got back to her, because he was lonely! I'm sorry i couldn't keep it anymore." His tears were on his shirt now. Then you began to cry. "Thanks for telling me Louis, would you giv this to Harry?" You toke the ring of, and put it in his hand. "What are you doing? Dont leave him!" He sounded like he was gonna break apart. "I have to go now Lou.. Goodbye." You got out of the car, and ran so Louis wouldn't catch you! "(Your-name) Come Back.. he needs you!!!" He shouted his lungs out! But you didn't stop runing, until you

reach his flat.. You still had the key, so you went up there, to the photo's and made him a scrapebook. When you came to the last page you wrote a note, and the last picture you guys toke together. The note said. "Dear Harry, it's been andventure with you but it's going to end here! I still love you with all my heart, you were the only man i ever loved, and will love. Go find your princess, i now she i waiting for her prince. I just wanted to say.. That no matter what happens, i wont forget our memories.. I wont stop loveing you. (Your-name) xx." You put it in the scrapebook, and tears started coming down.. Will he forget you, or come find you? You had to move on, but you still loved him! *Phonecalling* It was Louis."(Your-name) Just please come and see Harry, he needs you.. I'm sorry!" You didn't talk, your thought were now were to be found.. Maybe you should go see Harry, just one last time! You need to say goodbye to him.. "I'll come and see him for 10.min Louis" You answered back. "Should i pick you up or something?" "No thank you, i'll just walked" You hung up the phone, and startede walking to the hospital..

Finally you could see it.. You interted the hospital, and went up to Harry's floor.Louis was standing outside, wating for you! You were about to walked in the room, when you stoped Louis. "Can i please be with him alone for 5min.?" "No problem love." You went in and sat on the chair.. you had the scrapebook with you.. You put it beside the bed.. Kissed him on the lips, and his forehead. "Goodbye Harry."  

You left the room with tears in your eyes. This day today, is the day were Harry Styles is going to forget you.. The only thing, he had left of you was the scrapebook, and the ring! All doe's memories in such small time, has become your hole life.. Just in a book! He had a way to make you fell speciel, and no other guy could do that. He was like the sun, when you were with him everything was better! And now he was like the stars.. So hard to see, and so far away. You didn't see Louis any were, which was a good sign. Slowly you walked out of the hospital, you turned around.. Looked one more time.. then you walked away.

You had now were to go, all you did was keep walking.. All you wanted to do, was get out of everybodys lives, and start a new one.What about your mother? She means the world to you.. would you just walk away from her? And what about your granny, she is apart of your life too! The only thing you needed right now, was your dad. He is so far away, but still beside you! Even do he isn't here right now.. Then he is your hero! All the advice he gav to you, when you were just a teenager! All the words he said, just touch your heart. You decide to walk home to your mother.. you just didn't want to leave her! When you came to the house, she gave you a big hug.. the hole night you talked about it all, it was a painfull talk, but she understud. You went to bed, and the only thing you had in mind was Harry... Where you doing the right thing here, when this happens in a relationship it makes them stronger! But maybe your just getting weaker..

*Morning*Something woke you up, it was the sound of your phone.. The boys had tryed to call you, but you turned of the phone.. and put it in the drawer."(Your-name) Do you want some breakfast honey?" yoy mum shoutede down the stairs.You weren't that hungry, but you went down.. just to make your mum happy."Are you okay love? You look terrible." She was really worried about you! "I'm just.. down. That's all." You said to your mum... She gave you a plate with some vaffels on it! Now that you couldn't say no to!

Louis. pov. Why isn't (Your-name) picking up her phone? or replying to my texts!I looked after her every where... dosn't she now that Harry is awake! He really needs her..I went back to the hospital, and a soon as i walked in to Harry, i could hear him cry.. He was looking in a scarpebook, she must have left it there! And when she did.. she left.. She came back to say goodbye to him.Oh god, what am i going to say to him, and how am i gonna say it to him? I just wanted to go home, and act like this never happend.

But i had to be there for my buddy Harry. "You felling better Harry?" i asked while i walked in. "Where is she?" He was still crying. "I dont now." I went to sit over by the chair. "I have to find her" He was about to get out of the bed, and go put his clothes on. But i didn't let him. "Louis, let me go.. I need to find her, i still love her!" He said with tears in his eyes.What should i do? Let him.. or let him suffere?

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