Love Story

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"Harry Styles is over his old girlfriend" What happend to the phone call yesterday? A part of you wanted to call Harry, but the other part couldn't do it! Like Harry always said to you "Dont think about the rumors.. they aren't true!" Those words keept going in your head all day. The only thing you wanted by you was your dad! He was the only man you loved.. Ever since he past away, all bad things had happend to you! He was the man, that knew how to love a women.. Your heart was getting weak.. You went in to the drawer to find old pictures of you and your dad.. All the tears was how much you missed him.. Why cant he be here, when you need him! Harry didn't now about this... cause you never told him!

Your hole body was getting weak.. all the memories you guys had together!

You found a letter that you wrote to him..

"Dear Dad, thank you for loving me.. You were not only my dad, but my hero! I cant see a day without you.. You thought me how to live life.. your smile always made my day.. you always gave me a smile on my face! I love you.. thank you.. i miss you!" Tears came down and your were breaking inside.. I miss you so much! Why cant you be here with me? *Knock knock* "I'm coming! Mum... what are you doing here?" "You found it.. you found the letter!" "I miss him so much mum.." "We all do honey" She came in and made you some dinner.. While you where thinking of you dad, you forgot about Harry.. All the people you loved, where about to leave you! 

Harry. pov. Should i call her! I dont now what to do.. i miss her so much. i turned in the TV, and saw it! "Harry Styles is over his old girlfriend" No i still love her! All i wanted to do was to pray to god, so he could help me! "Please god, give me a sign.. I love her!" Nothing happend.. so i just went to bed, to get some rest.

Yours.pov. Only 2 days left.. how could the week go so fast! All you wanted to do, was spend the last couple of days with your mum. "How long will you be gone darling?" "I dont now, maybe 6months." Your mother was getting really upset. And you hated seing her like this! "Mum.. please dont cry" "I'll try" she said smiling.. ohh you were gonna miss that smile! Not only her, but Louis, and the boys.. Your mind was out of it, so you went back to go packing.. *Klick klick* "Heey (Your-name) can we talk? Harry. xx" "We already have Harry, i dont have anymore to say to you!" "You can be alone all the time, i just want to spend some time with you.. please" "Where should we meet?" You wanted to see him before you left..

"The park.. i just really want to be there again!" "I dont think i can, the park is were...." "Where what?" "Harry there is something i haven't told you." "Can you tell me when we meet?" "Yeah of course, see ya" "Wait... when are you coming?" "I'll be there before 16.00" "Okay see ya.. i lo..." You hung up! He still loves you! Why is it so hard to love somebody? Harrys pov.I cant believe i just told her that i love her! But it is the truth, and i want her back.. she is my life. Well i got ready and went down to the park.. I decided to go buy here favorite flower.. i got the flower now all i need is the girl!I was standing there for a while.. then i saw her! My heart got weak. I just wanted to break down, i gave up that girl.. for some other! I'm couldn't take it anymore.(Your-name) Pov.There he was! Looking at me, like if i was an idiot.. Wait.. he has got my favorite flower, he cares about me.. a smile came up on your face. No dont do this now.. stop smilling! You walked over to him.. There was a moment of silent, and it was a bit awkward. "It's nice to see you again" He said and looked at the ground. "You too, what should we do now?" "Talk?" "We can do that" You said with a weak voice.."Look, i really need you back! I cant live like this anymore, i now i made a mistake.. But dont we all?" "Harry.. i wanted to tell you something, and you might be a bit surprised!" "Tell me then?" He sounded like he really wanted to know...."I haven't told you something, and you might be a bit angry.. When i was 13 years old, my father got sick. And he past away.. I'm really sorry i did'nt tell you.. it's just i wanted to forget it." Tears came down your cheek. "Babe.. the only thing i'm happy for, is that you told me!" "Thank you for understanding Harry, it means alot to me" "No problem, now there is something i have to tell you." He held back for a minute.. "I miss you.. i just miss us! I made that mistake.. and i shouldn't have done it! I love you, i want to get married with you, and make a family! Forever mine... forever yours... forever ours.. I know you still love me! You heart just cant do it! Please i'm begging you.." He went on his knees.. "I just..." You couldn't finish because his lips was pressed by yours.. The thing was you kissed back, i mean he is Harry Styles, but you loved him for Harry.. It's just how is he going to take it when you leave.. He is gonna be heartbroken.. From that moment you knew it was over between you and Harry.. he just seems so happy and you dont want to hurt him! But the best thing was to leave, and let them forget you... "Babe... you dont look okay, is everything all right?" He asked worried.. "I'm fine, i just need to go home and relax.. "This is your home hun" Harry said with a smile on his face.. "Harry.. i need to go back to my mum.. she must be worried right now!" You went in to get your clothes.. and get out! "You cant leave now.. your mum wont even now that your gone." He really wanted you to stay.. You got your clothes on, and said goodbye to Harry.. then went off! You were felling sick, tomorow was gonna be hell.. i mean when is he going to find out that your gone? Will he come after you? What is he going to to... and what are you going to do?You arived at your appartment, the first thing you did was walking in to your room and lie down on the bed! All you wanted to do was lie there all day..*Knock Knock* "Come in" "Where in heaven were you last night?" You mother came in... shiiit how are you going to get out of this one? "No where, just came home a bit late" "Hmm? really, cause i found out that you were with some kind of guy!" Busted...... "Fine i was with Harry" your face began to turn red... "Oh my god.. what happend?" you mum rushed over to you, with a smile on her face! "We.....just had fun." "What kind of fun?" Do you think she meant sex? Oh my god, how can you tell you mum that you had sex with him? You just said it really quick.. "I had sex with him!" RUUUUUN!!!!!You ran out of the room, and in to the kitchen. "(Your-name)!!!!!" "I'm sorry he just you know....." this was really awkward.. "Well glad that, it's over now! So did you tell Harry about tomorow?" The pain came back.. but this time in your heart. "No i haven't" You said while looking down. "What are you going to do then, you can't keep it forever you know honey?" "I know.. i just want him to forget me, and then move on." some tears came down your cheek.. "Honey.. my advise is you have to follow your heart.. let it speak! Don't turn it down.. you never know, maybe you will do the right thing" Your mum always came with that.. and it made you cry even more! All day you couldn't stop thinking of it!Why is love so hard... all you wanted was to find love! Not take a test of it.. The pain was killing you inside... Then you remembered the picture.. you still had it! You looked at it.. and started talking to yourself. "I'm so sorry Harry, this never should have happend.. i still love you!" You put the picture down, and found your favorite picture... You were going home to your dad. Since you moved to England, you haven't had a chance to go see him! Finally you were going to giv him all the memories... It must be hard for mum to live like this.. all the pain just went throw your heart! Just once you wanted to do something right! Well it was getting late, and you had a plane to catch tomorow! *The next morning*"(Your-name) Wake up, you have to get ready!" Oh no... it was today, goodbye England, hello Ireland! "Giv me 20min mum" "Only 20min honey" and then she left..The hole room was cleaned, and your bags were waiting for you! You got some clothes on, and got some breakfast.. "Are you excided?" you mum asked 2 times.. "Well to see granny yes, but the fact that i have to leave my hole family hurts me.. so i'm good" You answered weak. After the 20min was gone, you went to the airport.. your phone silent, no call or text from Harry.... yet! "Well i guess this is goodbye love" your mum was going to cry, but she holded back for a moment! "Mum.. it's okay to cry" Then you began to cry. "It just your going for 6months, my little girl is not my little girl anymore" It sounded like her heart was breaking. "Mum i'll always be your little girl! Dont ever forget that! I love you" "I love you too" You guys gave each other a big hug.. then you had to leave. Just before you were going to enter the plane, your phone was calling.. It was Harry.. you decided to call him when you were in Ireland.. *1 hour went by*Finally you arived in Ireland.. you walked out of the doors, and saw your granny stand there with a big smile on here face! "Granny!" "(Your-name)" it was so good to see her again.... "Long time, look at you! I mean look how beautiful you look.." It was the time of your life to be with your Granny. *You came to the house* "This has'ent changed at all" you said. "I know lots of memories in this house" Well it was getting late and you went to bed..*1 month later* You were have changed a lot since you came to Ireland.. So today was the first day in years you were going down to see you father.. It was about 17.00 and you just got there.."Well hello again daddy, sorry i didn't come here before,i just didn't have time.. but i wanted to giv you something!" You put the letter down, and all the pictures.. "I miss you dad, why did you have to leave me?" It was like someone touch your shoulder.. but you knew that no matter where you were, or how sad you were.. he was always there for you! You were walking home, when someone called you... Shiit you forgot to call Harry.. oh no.. "Hello Harry?" "Babe.. where are you, i've been driving all day to find you! I haven't seen you in a month.." "Harry there is something i need to tell you?" Before you could finish *CRASH* "Harry!!! are you there....."

"Hello Harry, are you there?" The only thing you heard was people shouthing.. What happend to him? Your tears came down. Before you could break down, your granny came over to you. "(your-name) What's wrong pet?" "I dont know, i talked to Harry on the phone, and i heard a crash!" Tears keept going down your face.... But not only, your grandma was frightened like she knew what happend. "Hun go lie down now!" She looked scared.. "Wha... is!" "Just go honey!" You went to lie down, and fell asleep..*The next morning*You woke up, checked your phone.. 23 missed calls from all the boys!!!What in the name of Jesus is going on? *Phone calling* It was Liam.."Hello Liam?" "Thank god, you picked up!" "What's going on?" "Guys i got a hold of her!" You could hear all the boys. "(Your-name) We have something to tell you.. and your not going to take it well.." He sounded like he was going to cry.. "Tell me then" Louis tok the phone, cause Liam cried even more.. "Babe... It's Harry, hes been in a car crash." He said crying. For a minute you were gone... this is all your fault, if you had told Harry where you were, then this wouldn't happen! You heart was like a black hole right now! Louis keep shouthing your name, but you hung up the phone. All you wanted was to die. More and more tears came down your face.. Why did it have to happen! Does God hate you? or did he teach you a lesson! You ran upstairs to get some clothes, and put in a bag.. you grabed your pasport.. and went to tell your granny.."Granny.. I have to go back to England!" "No.. why?" She sounded weak.. "Harry...." tears came down.. "Harry.. has been in a car crash, and i dont want to lose him. Not now" "I'll drive you!" You and your granny ran out to the car, as fast as you could! You finally reach the airport. You had your ticket and went on the airplane..

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