Love Story

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He went over to cuddle with you, and you fell right back a sleep.*Next morning* you woke up with no Harry in the bed! So you went to go brush your teeth and go find him... He was no were to find. Where was he? "Harry! Where are you?" you kept shouting after him, but he was now where to be found.. You walked past a note saying "Out with the boys, call you at 13.00. Love you - Harry. xx Well you where home alone, so you decided to put on loud music, and your song came on (Flo Rida - Wild ones ft. Sia) You kept dancing, and the song stopped.. *Phone calling* "Hey Babe." "Hi Harry" "You okay?" "I'm good, you having fun with the peeps?" "It's the same, babe I have to go now. love you bye..." Before you could say "I love you too" he hung up... But you just kept on dancing.. After some reason two cold hands touch your waist, you turned around, and it was Louis, Zayn, Niall and Liam! "Guys, it's so good to se you again" Group hug" Niall said.. "But weren’t you out with Harry?" "No, we just got here" Zayn said... You were getting a bit mysterious.. Lou looked over at you, and could see, something was wrong. "Baba, were just joking with you.. He is at the shop." Louis looked over at the others and they nodded, something was wrong, and you didn’t like it..*2 hours later* Finally Harry arrived with some food... but the most was for Niall. "Babe, I’ve got a surprise for you! Go put some clothes on" You came out with some denim shorts on, and a black t-shirt. Harry droved I don’t know. It felt like hours.. but it was half an hour.. You arrived at a park, with only you two in it. "Close your eyes babe..." When you opened your eyes, a little picnic was sat up.. and Harry wanted to spend some alone time with you! "Wow Harry, I’m speechless!" "Good babe, cause I wanted to make it up to you!" You two were lying on the blanket and talking.. "Thank you Harry, i just..." You could'nt finish because his lips were pressed against yours! "Forever mine... Forever yours.... Forever ours.." He said. The time went by, and it was getting late.. So you went back to the flat! *Home sweet home* Finally you arrived.. "Jesus I’m starving.." You said.. "Well then, lets cook something!" "What Harry? Cooking with you" "Heeey.." "Let’s just order a pizza" You smiled.. "Fine.. if i makes you happy" He laugh. The pizza arrived, and you began to dig in! "Let’s watch a movie babe.." you said. "Can i go for a shower first?" He said. "Go on, but hurry!" He smiled and kissed you on the cheek. You walked in to the bedroom, and saw Harrys phone on the bed. "Should i check it?" You picked up the phone, and opened it.. You checked all the phone calls, and text messages! Nothing was there.. Then you checked the gallery.. And you never thought you would see it! You looked at the date when it was taken.. It was today!!! What in hell.. Wait, what’s this! You heard the shower turn off, so you as fast a you could.. Put the phone down like you never touched it! Harry came in to the bedroom, with a towel around his waist:o "Heey, aren't we gonna see a movie?" "Yeah, i just thought that we could watch it, in here instead." "That's much better sweetheart" He smiled, and you gave him a fake smile. Harry moved over to you.. And wanted something from you! "Now lets watch that movie babe..." "Yeah, what are we gonna watch? Maybe a Scary movie?" "Harry, you know i hate them!" "Well that was my plan.. i like it when i have to protect you." He smiled cheeky. "Okay.. but only one then!" "Yeeeees!!!" You were going to watch. The texas chainsaw massacre. You hated that movie so bad.. Harry turned on the TV. And you already began to scream.. "Baby.. it's just a movie, you dont have to be scared" Harry said.. You were getting tired but Harry wanted, to have some more fun with you! So he started kissing you.. And getting on top of you. "Harry..." You pulled back. "I'm getting really tired right now.." "That's okay" He said a bit upset. "Goodnight love" "Goodnight" His arms was around your waist.. You woke up.. it was about 3.00 and you could'nt sleep, the thougt of that Harry and that girl kissing.. The picture was in your head! A tear began coming down your face. Why? did he lie to you! He promised! And now.. more tears came down your face.. "Babe... what's wrong?" You heard a tired voice. "Nothing, just a bad dream" You had to lie! Even do you did'nt like it.. He moved closer to you, and you got more weak.. Your heart was in thousands of pieces. You woke up, thinking that you might have cried yourself to sleep. Harry was still a sleep, so you went queitly, toke some clothes out. And went in to the bathroom. When you came out, Harry was gone! Where was that boy again. You walked in to the kitchen, to find him there 'trying' to make breakfast. "Your early up babe." "Yeah, i couldn't fall a sleep again" He came over and gave you a passiontly kiss. "So where are you going?" "I'm gonna hangout with my mummy today. I'll be back after dinner time." "Okay then" He kissed you and you went down to the car. Harry gave you his old Range rover, Because he got a new car. *Beep Beep* You opened the text, as soon as you walked out of the car. "Missing you babe.. Harry xx" You ignored it, and turned off your phone. "Mummy!" "(Your-name)!" "I missed you so much" "Aww you too darling, hows Harry" "Never better." you said with a smile... Your Mum was your best friend, she has been there every time.. And she lever left your side! "Wanna go to Starbuck?" "Yeah lets go" You said.. you got your coffeek, and went of to the mall.. And you saw her! Your face was getting red.. It was the girl on the photo! You could'nt stop looking over at her.. No wonder why Harry cant stop seeing her.. She is very beautiful, blondhair.. great smile.. and blue eyes! You walked past her, and you made eye contact! Your heart was breaking from the pain.. But you had to be strong.. "(Your-name) Heey what's wrong love?" "Nothing mum" you said in a weak voice. "Honey.. you cant lie to me, and you know that! Now tell me whats wrong?" "Can we wait until we get home?" "Of course sweetheart." As soon as you got home, you mother asked the question again! "Now, what is wrong (Your-name)?" "Harry... ehm.. He.. slept with another girl, and i saw her at the mall today" "Harry did what!?" Your mother was angry.. she wanted to know more."And yesterday i found a picture of them... kissing" you fell down.. your heart could'nt take Harrys bullshit any more.. All you wanted to do is run away! So you ran up to your room, and your mum came after you! "(Your-name) Please tell me, that your gonna say, that you noticed the picture!" "No mum... i dont now what to do.. i hate my life, he promise me.. but he broke it! i cant do i anymore!" you ran out of the room.. and outside. The only place you could go to, was your appartment.. You toke your car keys.. and drove away! You finally arived, The good thing about this place was Harry didn't know about it! You walked upstairs.. The thing about this flat was... you dad bought it for you, before he past away! You told your self that you could never love another man, like you loved Harry!Why did Harry do this to you! Every time he told you, that he loved you... was it a lie? You went over to your own appartment, just to take it slow... Everything was..... like hell.. You loggede on twitter, and Harry DM'ed you 40 times.. saying "Where are you babe?" "Why haven't you answer my calls or text?" "Please come home, i miss you" Deep inside your heart, you still loved that boy! All the memories you had together! When you where with Harry, it was like he was the only guy you really saw.. You sat down in the corner, and had the photo of you from your holidays! Look how happy you 'where' Tears came down, and you could'nt holde them back! You forgot, the ring Harry gave you! "Mine Forever" What happend to that? ...... *Knock Knock* Somebody was at the door.. You checked and saw Louis.. how did he know about this place.. Maybe your mum told him! You opened the door, and his arms was already opened. "It's okay babe..." "I cant do it anymore Lou.." "Dont say that.. he has'ent been him self lately!" "Lou... what did you and Harry talk about the other night?" "It was nothing importent, i promise" "No Louis, tell me it now!!" "I cant.. i promised Harry that he would be the one to tell you" "Louis... right now i want to be alone, and i beg you dont tell Harry about this place.. i dont have the power to look in his eyes right now!" "I wont tell him.. i promise babe." He gave you a kiss on your forehead.. and left.. Finally alone.. No Harry, Mum or Louis! Just you. You were thinking about what true love fells like.. And how it ends. You were still holding the picture. When you looked at that picture, you cried even more.. So you locked it in the wardrobe. Then you slowly fell asleep..*The Next morning* Your pillow was complitly wet from all the crying.. You turned on your phone.. 89 missed calls from only Harry, and 134 text messages from him.. *Knock Knock* Your mum was here! "Mum what are you doing here?" "I dont want my baby girl like this.." It looks like she had cried as well.. "Mum.. you dont have to be here" "Honey.. i cant leave you alone.. He hurt you, and it breaks my heart" She began to cry a little bit.. "Thank you mum.. i love you so much" "I love you too (Your-name)" "Now go lie down and relax, and i'll make you some breakfast" "I'm not that hungry mum, but you can make something for yourself" you went to lie down on your bed.. When your phone began to ring.. it was Louis.. "Hello Louis" "Hii (Your-name) I cant find Harry.. hes gone!" "I dont care Louis!" "(Your-name) Yes you do! I know you still love him, dont lie to me!" "Why dont you check his lovers house then?" you said with a evil voice. "I'm coming to pick you up! and your helping me.." "No Louis, i dont care.. just leave me alone!" You said and hung up.. Your tears were back.. "Oh no.. honey" Your mum came in. "Harrys gone." you said still crying. "Who was on the phone?" "It was Louis, he is coming to pick me up.. so we can find Harry" "You have to go love" "But i dont want to... i cant do it mum.. he broke my heart! and he'll do it again!" "Honey... he cares about you, thats why he is missing.. He went out looking for you! He loves you for you.." "How do you know that?" "Because i was in love once, thats how.. Now go put some clothes on, and go with Louis" "But..." "No buts" You mother was right.. you had to say what you felt to Harry..*Knock knock* That must be Louis.. "We have to hurry!" He said in a weak voice.. "Please tell me you know where he is? Do you have your phone with you?" "Yes.." "Call him right now!!" He said.. "I cant talk to him" "I'll do it then" he said by takeing the phone.. *Calling Harry Styles* "Harry.. duude are you there?" "Where is my girl!?" "Sitting right next to me" "Can i talk to her, i want to hear her sweet voice again" There was a moment of silent.. before Louis gave me the phone. "Babe..." he was stillcrying. "I... fell horrible.. why did'nt you call or text me back?" "Harry.." "I want to see you.. please! Just please babe." "Where are you then?" "The place we first meet" A tear came down your face.. You hung up the phone.. and had a moment for yourself."(Your-name) Where is he?" "The place we first meet" more tears came down.. "Where was that?" "The park.. He is at the park!" Your mind was... gone.. You could see the park from here, and it wase'nt that fare from your appartment.. The first thing you layed eyes on.. was Harry near by the water.... he had a rose in his hand! "Go over to him.." Louis said. you got out of the car, and walkes slowly over to Harry.. He turned around, oh my god.. his eyes was totaly red.. and his shirt was covered in his tears! "Babe... what have i done?" His tears came down.. "Like you dont now Harry!" You voice was getting loud and weak.. "I dont know.. just tell me what i did?" He sounded angry.. "The girl....." you holded back for a moment. "What?" He said in a violent voice. "I saw a picture of you, and that girl kissing! And it was the day.. you gave me the surprise!" Your voice was getting more and more weak.. "What... why did you even check my phone! I told you dot toch my phone!" "Well Harry you lied to me! So i had to do it!" Harry looked at you, with his weak eyes.. "You now i love you babe" "LIAR!!!!!" You shouted.. Harry came up to you.. but you just walked away.. "Dont... go (Your-name) I love you!" "No you dont Harry!" You turned around.. looked him in the eyes, and threw the ring he gave you.. at him! "IT'S OVER HARRY!!!" You said crying.. "Please... i have to tell you something! Come back!" You just keept runnig until you came to your appartment. When you got up there, you threw yourself at the bed, and began to cry more.. and more! *Knock Knock* "Go away!!" "Open the door (Your-name)" It was Louis.. You opened the door.. and he threw Harry in the appartment.. And looked the door! "What are you doing here?" "I came to tell you something" "I dont want to hear it Harry!" You grabed you arms.. but you pushed him away! You went in to get the photo off you guys... and came back.. "I want to tell you something to Harry!" You threw the photo on the floor, so it went in to thousand of pieces.. "That looks just like my heart." "Why... did you do that?" His voice was about to crack, "How does it fell?" you just could'nt take it anymore.. "I now you love me (Your-name)" "I did.." You were acting cold over to Harry. "I need to tell you something! and please listen" "You have 2min" "When i meet you, i could'nt take my eyes of you! The boys made a bet with me.. that i could'nt get you! And we made a bet.. so i got you. And i won!" "Wait..... i was a bet?" you said crying.. "Yes." You fell down on the floor, and cryed the pain out! "Why did you do that?" "I wanted to meet you, and i new that you were the one for me!" "Harry.. you keep breaking my heart" "Please, i never meant to hurt you in the first place." "You told me that you loved me, was that a lie?" "Never.. I still love you" He came over to you.. He wanted to give you a hug, but you didn't let him! "Harry... can i please be alone.. im begging you!" "Okay, well goodbye." After he left, you were crying your eyes out! All you wanted to do was to get out of this country.. You called your mum. *Calling mum* "Heey mum." "Hii love, how did it go?" "Long story.. i'm going up to grandma next week" "Why?" "I need time.. is that okay?" "It's fine, as longs as you are fine!" "Thank you for understanding mum" "Your welcome honey.. love you" "Love you too" You hung up the phone.. And went in to watch some tv. The news was on.. Gossip as always. "One Direction Bandmember Harry Styles.. Dating again!" What!!!! You saw the girl on the tv.. "I cant believe it.."

You turned off the TV, and went to get your MacBook. *Seaching for airplane tickets* Ireland next week... Friday, no more England.. Just you and you granny in Ireland! You did'nt want to tell Harry or Louis.. But your heart wanted to tell Louis! It was just that, he would tell Harry.. And then yeah it would begin again! the only person who knew was your mum.. You had nothing to do, so you just went to bed.*The next morning*You got woken up by the knock on your door.."I'm coming!" It was Louis. "Hey sorry if i woke you up love" "No it's okay Lou, come in" There was a moment of silent "So how is Harry?" "He wont talk to me.. So i really dont now.." "Why not?" "He told me, that i should'nt have brought you to the park... Because of what happend" "Can i help?" "You can talk to him!" "Louis.. dont start! You can say to him... that." *Phone calling* "Hold on, i have to get this" You said while you walked over to the phone. "Hello?" "Heeey (Your-name)!" "(Your-friend's name)? is that you?" "Yes, i'm back in town for a week.. wanna hang out?" "Yeah, meet me at starbuck.. at 13.00" "No problem, see ya!" You said your goodbye, and went back to talk to Louis. "What did you want to say?" Louis asked while having a smile on his face"Just say Hi to him, from me" "Nothing else?" "No..." you said while looking down on the floor.. "Well then i have to go, bye" "See ya Lou" What just happend.... Louis wanted you to tell him the three words! No not now.. You wanted to have a good day today.. Noboyd else but your bestfriend. You were getting ready to go meet her.. It was 21degrees.. so you got on some shorts and a top that went above your belly button..*Klick Klick* "Heey i'm at starbucks now, so when your ready" your friend texted.. "I'm on my way babe. xx" You walked past 'your' car, and he came back.. you tried to forget... But you just could'nt! Finally at starbucks.. You saw your friend, ran over to her.. and did'nt let go! After some while you got your coffee.. and went to go for a walk in the park.. So many memories at that park.. And to hurtful there to.. "So (Your-name) How is Harry?" "Yeah, about that" She looked at you, like something was wrong with her.. "We aren't 'together' anymore" "What!!!! How... and why?" You friend was going crayz.. she knew how much you loved Harry.. "Long story.." "I dont care, just tell me!" Some of your tears came back, but luckly your sunclasses was helping covering them up.. "He was with another girl" "Noway... i'm gonna kill him!" "Please... i just.. want to forget him" "What are you gonna do then?" "I'm going up to my grandma in Ireland.. and i'm staying until i'm better.. and that hes forgotten.." "When.. are you going?" "Next week on friday" "Have you told him or Louis?" "No, and dont tell" You were getting weak, all your tears came down your cheek.. "Lets go home" your friend could see that you were about to break apart soon.. You arived at the appartment.. and began paking, since no one was gonna come here.. It was getting late, so your friend headed home.. Only 3 days until you were going to Ireland.. The fact that your best friend dont now about it, makes you fell like a bad person..*Phone calling* you looked at it.. Harry was calling, what did he want now! You picked up the phone.. "What do you want Harry?" you said like you did'nt care.. "To see you again" his voice was like a little boy, but he had a weak sound in it.. "I'm sorry Harry.. i cant" "I understand... well goodbye" He sounded like he was going to cry! You felt like someone kicked you in the face really hard.. But the thing that hurted the most was your heart! "I can never love again.." You voice got weak.. and tears slowly came down your face... You decided to go to bed.. You missed him so much.. you just could'nt deal with how he is! The way he breaks your heart! And how he... well you know the story.. The hole night you got no sleep.. he was every were! You were about to call your mum.. when you got a text by Louis.. "(Your-name) What have you done to Harry? he is breaking apart.. why cant you talk to him! He needs you" you replyed by saying. "I haven't done anything.. Good now he feels like i did.. i was torn." 10min later he called you. "(Your-name) I'm coming over to get you, and dont say anything!" he hung up.. you quickly put some clothes on and before you know it was at starbucks..Louis called again... Why cant he just leave you alone! How would he fell if Eleanor and him?.... back to the story.. You wanted to make yourself happy, and go shopping.. You intered the mall.. and it was every were.. You could'nt believe it.. People these days... your life was over!

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