Love Story

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You and Harry had been together for now 4 months. But he has been acting really cold lately.. You texted Harry. "Hey babe.. Can i come over? xx" "Yes, come over at 19.00" It was 18.00 and you ordered a pizza, before you went over to Harry's place. *Phone calling* It was your mum. "Hi mum, what’s up?" "Hi love, I’m not coming home before tomorrow. So you can stay over at Harrys if you want!" * "No problem mum, see ya tomorrow. Love you bye" "Love you too" You texted Harry saying you were on your way.. Finally you arrived at Harrys flat! Thinking on your way up there, how you wanted to talk to him. And how is gonna go? That was the question? "Hii Harry" "Hi" he said cold. As you walked in you saw Harry had company. 2 plats was on the table.. "Harry... We need to talk" "No, not now babe!" "Why are you so rued all the time?" "Shut up! I haven't done anything" "Harry, something is wrong" you said in a weak voice. "What do you want from me?" "I want the truth Harry!" You guys kept fighting.. You had to know what was wrong with Harry. "Do you really want to know?" He said whispering. "Yes i do" "I....Ehm" "Spit it out Harry!" "I had sex with a girl, and it meant nothing! Babe... I love you so much. Please don’t leave me" You couldn’t believe it! Tears began coming and you broke down on the floor. Harry went over to you, but you pushed him away... "Why Harry?" "I didn’t want to push you to have sex!" "How many times did you have sex with that girl" "Babe... please, i love you!" "How many times Harry?! You said angry. "4 times" your heart was broken, you could'nt believe it! You could'nt even look at him! So you ran in to the bedroom, and locked the door. *Walking over to the bed* after what you did for him. Every time he told you that he loved you. You just could'nt help it, but cry!*20min. gone* You decided to pack some clothes in a bag, and get out before it got worse. You began to put some black skinny jeans on, and a white long sleeved on. You walked out of the bedroom, and saw Harry on the couch. He stud up. You could see he has been crying! His eyes were red. You just could'nt take it anymore.. You were about to open the door, when Harry pushed you to the wall! His body was so close that is was hard not to kiss him! "Babe..." He said in a weak voice. "Don’t.... Leave me!" "Harry..." Before you could finish his lips was pressed against yours.. And you had to kiss him back. Even do it was hard, you had to do it! After the kiss Harry fell on his knees, and begged for you to stay.. You went to hold him up! But when you got down, Harry got up. "Babe..please stay here, i have to show you something" You stayed on your knees. And Harry came back with a black small box, and a photo of you guys on holiday, when you looked at the photo, a smile always came on your face.. "I got this in Australia, it's a special ring.. Cause your special babe" You opened the box, and a cute little ring came up! You took the ring out, Harry showed you, that in the ring there was something written in it. "Mine forever" once you read it, happy tears came on your face! "Sweetheart.. I’m sorry, i'll never hurt you again.. Please forgive me. I love you, and I can’t live without. I can’t live without your smile. Before he could finish you kissed him, and he kissed you passionately and hard! You pulled back, but Harry wasn’t done with you. After 5min he pulled back. "You really do know how to make me smile Harry Styles" you said. He lifted you up, and went to the bedroom! "You’re mine now.” He said.. "After 10min of 'Not sex' You went in to the kitchen, and looked at the ring one more time.. And then Harry came in! With no shirt on! “Babe.. put it one, you belong with me" And he began to sing "Taylor Swift, you belong with me" "I love you Harry Styles" "I love you too (Your-name) Lets make some food babe" "You and I cooking?" you laugh a bit.. Before Harry came up to you and, teased you by kissing your hole face.. But not your lips! "You know i hate that Harry" "Well I’m sorry love.. What do you want me to do?" You kissed him passionately.. And he kissed you back.. *The doorbell went off* Dadadaaaaaaa.. *The doorbell went off* you both stop what you were doing, and looked at each other.. "Harry, who is at the door.. At 10pm?" "I don’t know!" Harry went to get a shirt on and, go answer the door.. It was....... "LOUIS!!!!" Louis was your best friend! One off them, you had 3 more.. But Louis was the one you were closes to.. "Have you told her Harry?" He looked serious. "Told me what? Harry, what haven't you told me?" "Louis, can I talk to you for a second?" "Yeah, of course" "Louis!! No I haven't told her yet!" "Well... Harry, if you don’t do it know.. Then it's gonna be worse!" "Give me some time, please?" "Fine, you have a month!" "Thank you" You looked over, and they were talking really seriously to each other.. "So... Harry what do you want to tell me?" "I've already told you" you could tell that he was lying. You and Louis went over to the couch.. And it was silent, and awkward! Harry was in the kitchen making popcorn. "Lou?" "What’s up?" "Is there something wrong with Harry?" "No... Babe, why would you say that?" "He isn’t himself lately, and I’m worried!" "Don’t be, he is a big boy.. know! So let’s be happy. Huh?" "You’re right. Thanks Lou" "Np babe." Harry came back with the popcorn, and sat beside you.. Just to make Louis jealous.. And it was working ha-ha. You sat and watch the "notebook" But then Harry’s phone began to ring... "I have to take this call" He said, and walked in to the bedroom.. Harry was talking on the phone for now 20min. And Louis had to leave. so you walked Lou up to the door, and you said your goodbyes "Take care off him, now (Your-name)" "I will don’t worry Louis" Harry was still on the phone.. so you walked over to the door to listen.. He sounded angry, but toke it slow! He said his last words "I love you too" you were shocked.. So when he was finish, you ran over to the couch, like you never left! "Where's Lou?" "He went home, about 10min a go!" "Well then, more of you for me then!" He walked over to the couch and started to kiss you, and leaned you down on the couch.. But you didn’t want to do this anymore.. So you stopped kissing him. "Harry I’m getting tired, so I’m gonna go to bed now" "Okay.." He looked upset, but you weren’t in the mood right now. "Goodnight babe, i love you" "Love you too" He was watching TV For half an hour.. And you weren’t a sleep yet. "Babe, are you a sleep?" You could hear Harry.. "I can’t sleep"

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