Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


6. The Beginning of the End

            I dressed and sped to the car park. It was pouring outside. The mixed feeling of excitement and dread of meeting Jeff made me shiver and the raindrops made it even worse. It brought back the thoughts of how their previous phone call had ended…

           We had gone on a long drive after the soccer match that day and Jeff was driving. I was daydreaming how it felt looking at Jeff, at d raindrops kissing his tanned face, his hair flying n his eyes gleaming... having no clue that was the awful night when Jeff would be calling me for the last time…

Suddenly the shrill ringing of my phone interrupted my dream..

“Hey J! Watsup bud?”I said grinning from ear to ear

“Trevor! What the hell do you think of yourself? What r u trying to prove?”

“Woah J! Slow down, I dunno what you are talking about.”

“You! I’m talking about you! You are the laughing stock of the WHOLE school! Why on earth did you add that gay guy on facebook? Everyone thinks you are a gay now. There are even rumors of you and me being partners all over d school, spread by peter and his friends I suppose! IT’S SICKENING!”


“At least tell me it’s not true Trev.”


“What! You have been my friend all along and you didn't bother to mention this teeny-tiny fact about you. Look Trevor I don’t know about you but I don’t want this! I can’t b thought of as an outcast. You get it?”

“Jeff you are overreacting..”

“Oh shut up for Christ’s sake! What the hell is Claire gonna think? I’m not ruining my only chance of getting a decent date for d senior prom cause of you being a Fag!”

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