Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


4. Reality Bites

            As soon as I reached my apartment and fell back on my bed, more memories bombarded my brain and filled my eyes with images of how things used to be. The awkwardness of the first day had vanished and we spent most of the time together, though I still hadn't told him about my dad. It had been a secret inside me for so long that I could no longer speak about it to anyone. My mum would never accept to leave him and disgrace the family name. She was old fashioned in that way and I couldn't abandon her with that filthy excuse of a man.

            In all that drama there was another (and probably the worst problem of all) emerging. The more time I spent with Jeff the greater I seemed to like him. It didn’t feel like simple friendship anymore, something above that. Something that complicated many things and was sure to make life worse than that is now.

            Over the past few weeks I’ve started to notice many things about Jeff; like how his eyes twinkled when he laughs; the cute dimple that dented his cheeks when he smiles. I even liked the way the sun would make his dark curls look even shinier.

            Once I found him engrossed in a conversation with a Claire and I felt my blood boil. My fingers itched to throttle that little slut’s slender neck and shake her petite body till she kept her lusting gaze away from MY Jeff.

            Too late I realized how my thoughts were running. The shock of it had made me to skip school for a couple of days. I pretended as though I’m suffering from a migraine which I get from time to time. I couldn’t tell anyone about my problem, for I’ve seen what such people who have such thoughts are called. Monsters like Peter and his pack eat them alive every day and soon my life would become a living hell. Pretending I’m straight is the only safest way!

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