Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


8. Mixed Emotions

“I’m going to die….going to die….Die.” the echoes of his words continued to reverberate in my mind. My old prayers were indeed coming true. My long standing wish that Jeff experience what he put me through was finally happening at last. So why am I not feeling happy anymore?

He had once put me to that stage. Okay I had not died, but I had been beaten to a pulp. All for what? For being myself, for not pretending to be what the world accepts as normal. For not sticking to traditional customs and norms.

That day shall be etched in my mind eternally. A squalid graffiti painted on my front door about my so called unmanliness, my father’s choleric outburst to it and hitting me as he never hit me before. The faces of Peter’s mates grinning at me through the window when my dad had his back to them together with Jeff’s slightly disturbed expression. But when he caught my eyes he had simply turned away as though I repelled him. It was all coming back now, the nightmarish memories locked up for longer than they should have been.

The half sober man who called himself my father raising his half drunk beer bottle and hitting me on my head with such force that the bottle broke covering me in beer and the glass tat pierced me all over. It was still a vivid memory. Unfortunately for me I had been near the stairs and the hit had shaken my balance and sent me flying down the stairs and hitting the front door with a huge bang before everything went black and all thoughts escaped their cage leaving my mind blank.

One good to come out of getting myself hit on the head and a short flight down stairs was that my mom finally plucked her guts and left dad that day. Her son’s plight made her see sense and the danger she had put them both in by living with such a volatile man.

Jeff had turned into a pig, so driven by his lust for popularity, he had betrayed me and turned into a bully and snob like Peter.

But thankfully I had not been in Phoenix long to witness his change. My mother had decided to return to her hometown in Maine. Phoenix had too many unhappy memories for her and I too was glad for an excuse for leaving my old life behind and start afresh.

But my resentment for Jeff only grew from the moment I saw him turn away from me that fateful day. A resentment that I had only now able to let go off, seeing him so frail, so vulnerable had brought out the old feelings in me. He was after all my first love, and now that I know he truly regret his actions as a young boy, it was like a stab in my heart to know he was in his death bed. Worse was this feeling of helplessness. Nothing I could do to better the situation.

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