Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


2. Fifteen years back


                It was the first day of school. I was a little early than usual, the school was almost empty except for few kids like myself. Maybe they too couldn’t bear to stay home for a minute longer than necessary. But I sure hope they did have to go through my life. It was a fate I would bestow upon no one. On the outside none could find or even suspect anything wrong or strange with my family. Why would anyone be suspicious? It was the Mr. Fernandez’s family, who was the local cop and cops protect people don’t they. Sure they do, very heroic they are, but only on the outside, at least my dad is.

                To anyone outside my family he was the best cop in town. But I knew better. He was just a coward who went around wearing a façade that covered his brutal, alcoholic, wife hitting violent self. He had even punched me in my guts a couple of times when I was a younger, though he doesn’t dare do it again after I almost complained to the social services.

               This particular day my mood was so grim because I had seen mum wearing full makeup when she came down to make breakfast .This usually meant she was hiding fresh bruises. My father must have hit her again when I was asleep last night. That bloody bastard was gonna pay for it!

                In all my misery I almost didn’t notice a group of boys teasing a new-comer. That guy looked around my age, maybe younger only difference being I was a sandy haired with brown eyes while he was dark haired, skinny, with dull gray eyes. It took me a while to realize that not just teasing was going on, but it was a full on hunting season! Season for bullying anybody young or new.

                I had enough of one person hitting another to last my whole blasted lifetime. Getting to see it at home was quite enough. I didn’t have to endure it at school too. Lucky for me there was something I could do to stop. I was one of the prefects.

“Leave this guy alone, Peter. He’s done nothing to you.”I shouted at the alpha of the wolf pack.

“Else what Trevor? You gonna complain to the head? Or maybe to your daddy?”he shouted back, irritated at having being disturbed in his hunt.

“No Peter, not to my dad, but yes the Head and your parents if necessary” I threatened him and it worked like magic. The gang left me and skinny boy.

“Thanks for that, thank you.” A barely audible whisper emerged from the guys lips. I suspected he was ashamed of needing someone to defend him but I said no more. Nodded and left to my class.

In class Mr. Devon announced that the homeroom has to make room for another student and I knew it was gonna be that skinny kid even before he entered the classroom.

“Introduce yourself” Mr Devon indicated to the guy and he spoke “Umm.. errr.. hello everyone, I’m Jeff Anderson.” He didn’t say anymore and Mr. Devon though not totally happy thought it was quite enough and asked him to take a seat.

           Fate has a weird sense of humor I guess, for the guy came and sat next to me only turning to look at me after he sat down. Both of us abruptly turned way for I was pretty sure he didn’t want to think of the earlier events.

           Next to our table sat Claire. Never can you find a more accident prone girl than her. while ferociously taking down notes her hand seemed as if it flew across the paper. In her haste though, she hit the pen stand and sent all her pens and stationery flying across the class. Laughter erupted as if a volcano had burst and I caught Jeff’s smile and he smile back at me. This was the start of a very long friendship, lasting almost a year and half! 

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