Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


3. Back to the present


           Barbara and Jeff started to leave by the time I came out of my trance. Remembering all the stuff I had blocked out a decade before was painful. But I couldn’t let him leave now without telling him I too remembered him. As I walked up to them Jeff turned his wheelchair around so he saw me approach them. His wife moves away to give us some privacy.

“You remember it all don’t you?” He asked me solemnly. I could only nod my head. Speech was a lost ability at that point cause there was a huge block in my throat barely letting me breathe.

“Can you forgive me for all the crap I put you through? For being that bull-headed and unfaithful ego maniac who couldn’t admit even to himself that he was wrong.”

“The past doesn’t matter now Jeff. We’ve both moved on. There is nothing to forgive.” I replied when I finally found my voice and woke it up after its temporary hibernation.  He tried to shake his head and get up in frustration only to lose his balance. I grabbed him and let him fall back into his chair.

“Thanks for that. The past made me forget the present for a moment.”

“No problem.”I said unsure of what to say or do next. He was looking at the floorboards as though they were the world’s toughest mystery and he was trying to solve it. There was nothing but a tangible silence between us when time was of no essence.

“Was this how it felt for you? This frustration that I feel, is this how it was with your father and when I turned my back on you?” He asked me quietly reminding me yet again of our first meeting.

“No Jeff, it was far worse, for you have your wife but I had no one.” Suddenly it was much more than I could bear for the day so I said I had to leave. But I did end up staying till he was helped inside his car. I also gave him my card on an impulse. Then ran out of the place as soon as Jeff left.

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