Never Too Late

This is for the competition on bullying. Hope you like it :)


7. A Special Surprise


Pulling myself together, I started my car and drove to the hospital which Jeff told. Throughout the journey I couldn’t help but feel restless. Finally I reached and quickly found a parking space. I almost ran all the way to the reception desk and panting heavily asked for directions to Jeff’s room.

           Something stilled me in my path. I couldn’t open the door to his room just yet. All these years of wishing him the worst of luck might probably have come true. Earlier I had not forgiven him. Not wholeheartedly. They had been just words. Empty words. But a terror gripped my heart in its strings. Could it be that my secret wishes came true? Had my angry curses somehow affected him? Guilt tore me apart but I slowly mustered the strength to push the door open and look at my old friend.

           The smile of a fragile man who was waned of all his strength greeted me. Beside his bed his wife sat, holding her husband’s hand and when she turned to look at me I could see clearly the battle she waged with herself in an effort not to let her tears spill. She gave me a grateful look and stood up.

“I’ll just go to the canteen and get some coffee.” She left abruptly and I hoped she final gave in and cried to her heart’s content.

“Sorry about that she is a bit upset.” Even to me, who had not heard his voice for such a long time, it felt frail. I had to strain to hear his hoarse whisper.

“What happened to you? Why are you here?” I asked.

“Oh nothing much. I’ve just been feeling a little under the weather that’s all. Barbara made a fuss for nothing. It’s for her sake that I agreed to come here” I could tell he was thoroughly disgusted having to stay at the hospital and taken care of.

“Yeah?” I asked making it clear I didn’t believe him for a second.


“Then why did you call me here at such an hour? Surely things could have waited till morn if it was not so urgent…?” At this he shifted uncomfortably on his bed and averted his eyes from mine, though I stared right at him all the while.

“Oh alright, alright! You always could find out when I lie, damn you for that. I have a weak heart and just a few hours ago I had my third attack. There I said the truth, happy now!”

“WHAT!!!!!!!” I bellowed quite forgetting that it is a hospital, that too night time and therefore it’s wise to keep quiet.

           A nurse rushed in at once and took me to task for it. She quite calmly made it quite clear that I was allowed to visit a patient at such ghastly hours only due to the special circumstances and the hospital would throw him out if he disturbed others. Seriously if one needs to feel like a naughty kid again then I suggest you to try yelling at the top of your voice and getting this nurse to tell you off. But I dare say it’s not a great experience though.

           Waiting till the nurse went out and then I asked again making sure to keep my voice under control

“You have had three attacks? And what is the special circumstance the nurse meant?” 

"I'm going to die" and I was stunned into silence after a first time in quite a few years.

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