1. Olivia

I must admit it's hard to understand people, especially their nature.

My name is Jessica, my friends call me Jess. I was working as a psychologist in a High School in England,Liverpool. They paid me well for talking to students and doing some

stupid surveys to find out something I didn't really care about.

I wasn't really interested in this 'amazing opportunity' of being a psychologist.

But I fully changed my opinion after some events...


Once I had to meet this girl Olivia that was one of students in our school.

At that period of time I was doing a project about relations between our students.

I had to talk with each student in our school. I asked them a few questions like 'How many friends do you have in your tutor group?' and 'How does this number of friends effect your studying?'. Everyone answered almost the same, but Olivia's answers were more than just extraordinary. As she came into my room I noticed how shy, nervous and exhausted she was. I felt uncomfortable from that kind of reaction when she saw me. I sat on my chair and asked her to sit as well. I asked her first question and she said : ' I have no friends' . This answer paralised me. I was confused. 'Sorry?' - I said , pretending that I didn't hear her well. She repeated : ' I have no friends' .  'Why?' - I asked her. She didn't answer. That reaction confused me. Then I asked her the second question and she said : 'I don't have any friends, so it doesn't effect any of my studying.' .

-'But in school.. Who do you hang with?' .

'-Noone' .

-'Do you talk to anyone?'.

- 'No, people talk to me, but their interests don't much mines'.

That was enough for me to know. I let her go. 

I was thinking about her all night long imagining why this happens to her and why was she so calm. I guessed that she doesn't have any friends because she was bullied for not ordinary acting and maybe some strange things. I felt sorry for her. 


After one month I quit my job and went to London for a new one . I started working in one of the most prestigious Universities in the city. I worked there for 20 years. 

One night I was going by the street and I saw this women laying on the road screaming in blood. I ran up to her and tried to help. I called the ambulance and they came really fast and put her into the car whilst I went with them. 

The next day I came to the hospital to make sure that this women was okay. I went inside this room where she was sitting in her bed. I was so surprised that I saw Olivia. I started talking to her about what happened and she didn't reply to any of my questions. I was offended by this kind of acting. I went out of the room and met the doctor. The doctor said that Olivia can't talk and hear anything. I was fascinated. 


As I found out later all this happened to Olivia because of bullying. She moved to London because she couldn't take any bullying from others. She was trying to kill herself by many methods, as a result : she couldn't talk and hear anything.


I don't know what happened to Olivia after this, but she deffinitely left something in my heart. 


I must admit it's hard to understand people, especially their nature.


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